It's been fucking an hour since Ryan told me about the visitors and Aries hasn't blinked ever since.

I also told Rihanna that the Lycan King Cameron would be here tomorrow as early as possible for the combat battle and that she was expected to act as a host, she dropped the napkins from her hands, her face ghost white, and started squealing, 'oh my goodness' over and over.

It took about thirty minutes to snap her out of it and I've been gently guiding her through all the preparations.

The thing about Rihanna is, that although she wants help, she doesn't always want to know that you are helping. She wants to be a good Luna and have the admiration of the pack, but she doesn't have a clue on how to host, let alone a Lycan king. I mean, hell, I don't even know how to host a Lycan king.

But I have been making little suggestions

quietly to Rihanna, based on what I've learned from my best friend, and she has been repeating them and learning them since she was the first daughter of the pack.
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