Chapter 2

  Adeline is still trying to digest the words of the famous Young Master Smith, she thinks why should she even though he could have chosen one of the famous actresses who are often rumored to like him.

  "Ah, does he really like the same sex?" Adeline thought, now she was frowning while looking at Smith suspiciously.

  "I don't want to small talk if you don't want you can reject it right now, I'm not talking about rambling!"

  Adeline looked into Smith's eyes that were shady though firm, she found calm even though her whole body seemed to be shaking and sweating.

  "This is only Adeline's contract marriage, after all, see Smith is very handsome and you can't want this just for his needs, it might break people's assumptions about those rumors!" Adeline thought she was talking to herself.

  Plus Smith's bluff did not make him think anymore other than just imagine the practical test he had to do as soon as possible.

  "How?" asked Smith again.

  Without hesitation, Adeline nodded, she was told that every month she would be given 100 million for living expenses while she was married to Smith, she would get facilities to go to college too because the girl would live at her house.

  Adeline instantly went crazy with the tempting offer.

  "I'll take it, but can I come home once a week to see my brother?"

  "Do you have a brother?" asked Smith.

  "We lived alone after our parents died,"

  "Okay, it's no big deal as long as you don't break the agreement!"

  Adeline smiled happily, then Smith asked his private secretary to prepare a contract that would be signed by the two of them.

  An hour later, a woman about 25 years old came into the room where Adeline and Smith were. She handed over a few letters that Smith asked them to sign.

  But Smith asked Adeline to sign it as soon as possible, he said he was going to a meeting and was very busy. So the girl immediately signed it without reading the contents of each sheet of the letter.

  Smith smiled happily, he then stood up and told his secretary to keep the letter of agreement. "Mr. Smith, but I haven't read that!" Adeline said carefully.

  "No one will be harmed, as long as you keep this a secret! If we are done with this contract, I will give 1 billion in compensation."

  Adeline covered her mouth almost in shock, "1 billion?" she asked again.

  " Of course, that's why you have to work as a professional because I know you're a wise and smart girl!" Smith then left the room, after telling Adeline that someone would pick her up tomorrow.

  That night, Adeline immediately spoke to her brother. She explained about her marriage to a man.

  "John, I’m are going to marry someone and because you have to prepare for the wedding as well as material for the practical exam, I’m can't go back and forth from here so I will live with him"

  John who saw his sister's words just glared in shock, he held his breath. "Marry?" he spoke breathlessly.

  "That's right, I want to marry someone named Smith"

  "Where did you meet him?"

  John looks shocked and doesn't believe his sister's words, so Adeline is afraid of saying the wrong thing and afraid of being found out about a contract marriage to save their lives.

  Adeline thought hard as she clenched her fists nervously, "Yes, we met in college, he older than me , about 4 years apart,"

  "How long have you two been dating?" John was very curious because all this time his sister had never said anything.

  "It was about 3 years, after me entered university," Adeline said,

  The next day someone parked in front of an apartment building that was a bit rundown, yes, that's where Adeline lived.

  A jet-black limousine was parked with a driver wearing a black coat and gloves. He then dialed the number given to him by his master.

  Adeline, who had just woken up, was fumbling for her cell phone. "Hello, who is this?" she said without looking at her phone and just shifted the call and answered it.

  "I was ordered by Mr. Smith to pick you up, Miss, "

  "Sir Smith, who is he?"

  "Your future husband, Miss!" he continued later.

  "Husband?" Adeline mumbled for a moment, then she remembered that she had signed the marriage contract and her eyes immediately opened and she got up from her comfortable bed.

  "Ah, have you arrived? I forgot that someone would pick me up today,"

  "Yes, Miss, I am already in front and Mr. Smith ordered that you do not bring any of your belongings because it is already prepared there," continued the driver who was ordered by Mr. Smith, then turned off his phone waiting for Adeline to get off.

  "Ah, do I only need to bring one shirt?" thought Adeline while scratching her head that didn't itch.

  She got ready and then said goodbye to her brother, even though they were only one year apart, Adeline couldn't see the boy having to go to college and work part-time.

  They are like a couple that is difficult to let go of, Adeline continues to cry while John just stares when his brother hugs him tightly.

  John went downstairs to accompany his sister, but he was surprised why the girl didn't bring her clothes at all. "Where's your stuff?"

  "Ah, my future husband said don't bring a lot of clothes there," Adeline answered in the elevator to the lobby of her apartment.

  "If you need help, you can call me right away."

  "Of course my dear sister, I will contact you!"

  John smiled a little, seeing his brother kept holding his hand with a smile the whole time.

  "When will you come here?"

  "Every weekend I will come by agreement!"

  "Agreement?" John repeated his sister's words.

  Adeline glared at almost slipping. "Ah Brother I mean, Big Brother will come and will make an appointment with you first.”

  John nodded in understanding. "Don't get sick, eat regularly, and don't be fussy because there maybe you'll meet the family of your future husband, don't let you feel alienated, I will defend you!"

  "Ah, I'm very happy to have strength like you,"

  Arriving outside, Adeline looked to the left and right of the person who was asked by Smith to pick her up. While John's eyes were fixed on the limousine in front of him, so were the eyes of the residents of the apartment.

  "Miss Adeline?" asked a man in a black suit, about thirty-five years old with a big, tall face.

  "Yeah right, who are you?" Adeline looked scared.

  "I was ordered to pick you up by Mr. Smith!"

  Then the well-built man immediately opened the door of the limousine in front of him.

  Adeline and also John immediately widened their eyes with their mouths open in shock.

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