Chapter 3

  Adeline was silent for a while, and stared left and right continuously.

  "Please ride Miss!" said the driver who was assigned to pick up Adeline by Smith.

  Adeline woke herself from her daydream after pinching the waist of John who immediately screamed.

  "Are you serious, why pinch me?"

  "Is this real?" after pinching her brother John, now the girl is pinching her cheeks but in a state of open mouth still in disbelief.

  "Of course, I also wonder who you've been dating all this time" replied John, he was curious about the figure his sister would marry if he was this rich.

  Again, Adeline hugged John, who still looked like a child in his eyes.

  "John, Brother will visit this weekend, take good care of yourself" Adeline's words seemed full of drama because she kept repeating her farewell words to him.

  "You should take good care of yourself," John finally hugged his sister and gently stroked the head of the girl, who was shorter than him.

  And finally, Adeline got into the luxury car, she didn't expect that there were facilities as luxurious as this to a small refrigerator in a long car.

  "Miss, would you like a drink?"

  "Yeah, I'm a little thirsty because I just woke up!"

  "The drinks are in the fridge," the driver continued.

  "Can I take it?"

  "Of course Miss"

  Adeline opened a small refrigerator in front of her, smiling as she took out a can of drink she had just seen. Without thinking, Adeline opened it and drank it.

  At first, she felt very bitter, but it was not good if he did not finish it. Finally, Adeline drank the whole drink at once.

  An hour later she arrived at a house with a towering gate, from the main gate to the front door of her house only, the car should run about two minutes at normal speed.

  Apparently, Smith was waiting at the door, the limousine he had sent was now in front of his house. The driver opened the door for Adeline.

  But for a few moments the girl didn't even get out of the car, Smith wondered what happened, he just thought that Adeline was embarrassed.

  He got down and looked into his car, but the girl just fell asleep! But Smith noticed an oddity, the girl still seemed to keep moving even though she closed her eyes.

  Then looked at the girl's hand, and saw a drink can that had no contents.

  Smith stood back up and looked at the driver. "Josh did he drink this?" asked Smith while showing a can of drink with quite high alcohol.

  "Yes sir, I offered this lady a drink, but I didn't notice if she took it"

  Smith understood and looked back into the car. He finally decided to carry the half-conscious Adeline into the house.

  The employees in the house then lined up inside the house, there were about 14 household employees who had their respective duties. They saw his young master holding a sleeping girl in his lap.

  Smith went into a room on the first floor and put Adeline there.

  After Smith was out of sight, all the employees whispered to each other. "Hey, it's the first time I've seen Mr. Smith bring a girl into this house!"

  "Is she his girlfriend?" said another employee.

  "But she is very beautiful, even though her clothes are covered I saw her very beautiful face earlier"

  "But, why did the girl fall asleep?"

  "But I don't think she's sleeping, she looks like she's drunk!"

  "Is that true?"

  "Then what are they doing in the room now?"

  The employees were whispering but became a little boisterous, due to a large number of people gathered.

  "Hey, stop saying stupid things like that, Mr. Smith won't do anything to the girl, go back to work," said the manager of the Smith house.

  "Yes Miss Sofia!" answered the employees in unison, they had to obey Sofia who was assigned by Smith to manage the household assistants at her house.

  He glanced at the closed door of the room where his Young Master was. Sofia has worked for Smith for more than 5 years, she worked in the house because of Smith's personal request, the man was only friends with Sofia when he was studying at Los Angels in the United States.

  Due to a personal request and the salary offered to him, Sofia agrees. She got a scholarship there because she came from a poor family.

  Sofia always studied harder to maintain her scholarship.

  It was there that she met Smith, who asked her to teach him a lesson she did not know, and paid her quite a lot.

  Until they became close friends, it turned out that Sofia had a crush on the man.

  Smith was also the one who later offered him a job because he didn't trust anyone else to take care of his house.

  But seeing Smith bring a girl after 6 years, made Sofia a little jealous all of a sudden.

  In Smith's room waiting for Adeline to wake up, although it was quite a long time. It also made the employees more curious.

  Adeline finally opened her eyes after two hours, when she woke up she looked dreamily at Smith.

  The girl brought her face closer to the man standing in front of her with a white shirt rolled up to the elbows while putting her hands in her pants pockets.

  "What are you doing?" said the man.

  Adeline looked into Smith's left and right eyes. "How do you get green eyes like this? These are beautiful" asked Adeline with a fascinated look.

  "It's a gene!" replied Smith.

  "How can I have it?"

  "Marry me, I'll give you a pair of green eyes!" Smith brought his face closer to make the girl's head back to the head of the bed in shock.

  It's like he hasn't fully regained his senses yet. "Are you awake?"

  "Ah, did I fall asleep?"

  "You are drunk, Adeline is drunk, not asleep"

  "Drunk, I never drink alcohol"

  "But you were drunk in the morning in my car"

  Adeline remembered she drank something in the car, and didn't know it was alcohol.

  "Come on out, I'll introduce you to the staff in this house!" said Smith.

  Even with a slight headache, Adeline continued to follow Smith out of the room.

  "Sofia please gather all employees, including security and drivers!" said Smith, which was immediately carried out by Sofia.

  All employees have gathered if there are only 14 assistants in the house! Now there are a total of 20 people including security and drivers as well as gardeners.

  "Today I want to tell you something, introduce her name Adeline from now on she will live here," said Smith.

  Sofia raised her face to look at her Young Master. And looked at Adeline alternately.

  "I want you to call her young madam from now on, she will be my wife soon!" continued Smith.

  This immediately made the employees surprised and happy, except for Sofia! She looked at Smith with tears in her eyes as well as dumbfounded in shock.

  "Marry?" Sofia's section is full of Smith's words about getting married, yes marrying someone else!

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