Chapter 5

  Still looking stiff, Smith then coughed a little to lighten the mood.

  "Are you ready?" he loosened a little button on the shirt he was wearing.

  "Do you think this is appropriate? I'm afraid the wrong costume" Adeline looked awry, because the clothes she was wearing looked different from the clothes she usually wore.

  "Yes, not bad"

  Adeline and Smith immediately left, the limousine that was used to pick up Adeline yesterday has now been opened by the driver and they entered.

  Adeline's hand touched the handle of the small refrigerator there. "Stop it, don't get drunk like yesterday," said Smith, immediately making the girl withdraw her hand again.

  30 minutes drive now they arrived, the car stopped at a luxury hotel in European style that was lit by lights from all around.

  Smith opened the door for Adeline, he immediately reached out his hand. But the girl seemed to be very mesmerized by the building in front of him and only reflexively held Smith's hand.

  "My father asked a few questions, don't talk too much and just answer whatever he asked."

  "You said we were going to your parents' house, why now to the hotel?"

  "The top floor is Penthous, it's my parents house we have many houses"

  While walking in, Adeline's eyes kept going back and forth, not stopping to see the luxury.

  The door of a room was opened by the hotel staff, to be precise it was a private restaurant that could only be used with very expensive reservations, of course as the owner, the Thomas family was very easy to take care of this.

  Adeline and Smith entered, Adeline immediately put on her simple smile. "Good afternoon, uncle and aunty, my name is Adeline!"

  Before sitting down he greeted the two middle-aged people in front of him.

  They sat down, but Adeline was a little uncomfortable because of the gaze of the woman in front of her. "Why are you looking at my future wife like that, don't you like her auntie?" asked Smith.

  "Ah it's not like that, I'm just amazed by her beauty"

  "Smith stop it, until when are you going to call your mother aunty? It's not good in front of Adeline"

  Smith just looked away from his stepmother, and just sat down.

  "Adeline while waiting for the food to be served, it's good we will talk to get to know each other, right?" asked Jeremy Thomas.

  Adeline nodded and smirked. "So are you working?" Jeremy continued.

  "He's an aspiring Doctor, one of the top scorers at his university," Smith interrupted.

  The eyes of Jeremy and his stepmother named Martha were immediately fixed on him. Then back towards Adeline.

  "Where do you live now with your parents?"

  "He's staying at my house now because we're going to be busy preparing for the wedding," Smith answered again.

  "I asked your future wife let her speak Smith!" now Jeremy seemed a little annoyed with his son.

  "What did your parents do?" Jeremy again asked the question.

  Just as Smith was about to answer, Adeline held her hand. And looked at him reassuringly, because it would look strange if Smith continued to answer.

  "I stayed at Smith's house for only two days, we decided to live in one house because Smith might be busy in the office so I helped with some preparations before the wedding, my parents have died and I live with my sister in an apartment, not big but enough for both of us, after losing our parents I am also working part time to go to medical school because it's my wish, I want to say this in advance, if ladies and gentlemen think I'm close to smith because of something it's not true! we met unexpectedly previously"

  Hearing Adeline's words, all pairs of eyes are now looking at her.

  "All women would talk like this, even though they are the same," said Mrs. Martha.

  "Yes you are right, all women are like you but different from my future wife" Smith defended Adeline, holding her hand.

  "So what was Smith's romantic act that made you fall in love?" asked Jeremy, he knew his son was very cold and rarely smiled apart from being known as a workaholic.

  Smith felt his father was a little suspicious of Adeline, but suddenly the girl grabbed Smith's hand who was holding his left hand. "At that time I was injured, it was funny because suddenly Smith closed the door hard, usually he is very cold, but when I was injured he immediately panicked and looked for a cloth to compress my head.”

  Hearing Adeline lightly tell her father that made Smith surprised, Nia can act very naturally, even though it happened yesterday. Smith smiled at Adeline's face.

  "Really? I think he can't be romantic, you are the conqueror." Jeremy patted his son's shoulder, Smith felt this was a good move because his father didn't suspect anything at all.

  "So Smith, you're not afraid that prayers lie to you about her past? I guess ordinary people are good at hiding it"

  "I don't care as long as Adeline wants to be with me," Smith replied, which made Martha a little angry.

  The wooden door opened again, a girl in her 20s entered. "Hi, Mom, Dad, sorry I'm late, I had something to do earlier"

  "You should have come on time Sharon, it's rude to be late for an important meeting"

  "Meet Adeline, this is my step-sister" Smith interrupted, but he didn't even look at the girl.

  "Ah, hello my name is Adeline" Adeline stood up and held out her hand.

  "Sharon" the girl replied, then they sat back down.

  "This is your future brother-in-law, Smith will soon marry Adeline" Jeremy explained to her daughter.

  "What?" Sharon looked surprised, in a high pitched tone.

  "Sharon why are you surprised, you also can't believe your sister will finally marry a girl who turns out to be just an ordinary person"

  Adeline just kept quiet, she didn't want to worry about it after all, this was just a temporary contract, she thought.

  Dinner was over, Smith and Adeline said goodbye to go home, meanwhile Sharon's eyes continued to stare at the girl who was holding her step sister's hand.

  Sharon went into her room, one of the rooms at the top of the building to be precise with her parents. Seeing Sharon's behavior made Martha the mother curious.

  She went into her daughter's room. "Are you upset that if they have children, your inheritance will be divided?" said her mother.

  Sharon sat on the end of the bed, "Why did he marry, where is that woman from, he can't marry no one can touch him!" Sharon suddenly raged, she threw all the pillows on the mattress and made Martha shocked.

  "Sharon, why are you this angry?" Martha held her daughter's shoulder and stared intently.

  But Sharon's eyes filled with tears and he ended up crying.

  "No one can have it but us" she whispered in between the tears.

  Martha was shocked to see her daughter's reaction. "Sharon do you like your brother, do you like Smith replied Mama?" Martha shook her daughter's shoulder.

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