Chapter 6

  Seeing the look in her mother's eyes like a tiger wanting to pounce on its prey.

  "Tell me, what exactly do you mean by this?" "I like him, I want him not as my brother, I want him as a man" shouted Sharon to her mother.

  "He is of the same blood as you, the blood of the same father, Sharon," shouted Martha, making Sharon shed tears.

  "Mom, look at him he hasn't even thought of me as a younger brother isn't it fine if I want him as a man"


  A slap landed on Sharon's cheek, Martha slapped her daughter hoping she would wake up, then left her son's room.

  Sharon covered her face with both hands, she was crying loudly in the luxurious room.

  Every day after Adeline's arrival to her house, Mr. Jeremy looks very happy because finally his son will start a household.

  This apparently spread very quickly on social media, everyone started flocking to find out who the woman who could conquer Smith Jeremy's heart was.

  Especially the women who are very aggressively chasing the cold man, from actresses to super models.

  But they really had a hard time figuring out the girl's name, because Smith had really never been closely tracked with women.

  Adeline woke up early in the morning, she immediately took a shower and then wrapped a towel around her head after shampooing.

  He then walked from the bathroom back to his room, the sound of the door opening startled him. It's not the service that goes in but Smith.

  He was so shocked that his screams just came out of his mouth.

  "Hey, I thought you were still sleeping so I just walked in" said Smith, still wearing his pajamas.

  "Even though I'm still sleeping is it okay for you to come into my room like this?" Adeline interrupts.

  "I just want to give you a paper that you have to understand, about the rules that you must obey when you are outside the house because you will be part of the Jeremy family"

  Then Smith walked closer to Adeline, the girl glued the bathrobe she was wearing. "Don't come any closer, or I'll scream right now"

  Smith saw something funny about Adeline and made her a little interested, so he drew closer to the girl. A smirk appeared on Smith's face, as his feet continued to walk.

  Adeline kept backing away until she fell on the bed, Smith brought his face closer to Adeline's body, he looked at the face of the girl in front of him who closed his eyes while protecting his chest by crossing his arms.

  John"I just wanted to give you this paper, why are you so scared?" Smith whispered with a face close to the girl.

  Adeline opened her eyes, but what she found was the handsome face of her future contract husband. John

  Sofia and the two personal maids for Adeline came into the room after knocking twice on the door, but they were surprised to see the girl with the Young Master. John

  The other two maids immediately apologized and immediately withdrew, they didn't know that the Young Master was in the room. While Sofia stood for a while before retreating and closing the door again. John

  Adeline looked surprised and tried to get up from her position, while Smith did not move one bit from his cold gaze and was instead attracted by Adeline's funny attitude who looked scare and embarrassed. John

  "Ah, watch out, they'll misunderstand." He patted the chest of the man who was staring at him. John

  "Are you really scared to see me?"John

  "Young master, please get out of the way, don't think like that"

  "Call me by my name, you are not my maid Adeline"

  Sofia apparently heard the conversation from behind the door, she squeezed her own fingers.

  He then left after hearing Smith's words.

  "I don't want to, they all call you Young Master"

  "They are my employees, you are not"

  "I work for you, being a paid wife so this is a job too"

  Adeline's answer made Smith frown.

  "Okay, read this and hurry down and let's have breakfast" Smith got up from his position, followed by Adeline then.

  But Smith's departure left a question mark in Adeline's head, she didn't know what happened to Smith who suddenly changed. He looked briefly at the paper the man gave him, then immediately put it into the drawer.

  It wasn't long before his two maids came, having seen Smith go up to his room.

  "Young lady, forgive us for being presumptuous in coming in. Can you tell this to young master?"

  "Are you afraid Young Master is angry?"

  They both nodded immediately.

  "Don't worry, he won't be angry about this trivial matter"

  "Thank you, Miss," they answered in unison.

  Adeline nodded sweetly.

  "Young Master told Miss to come down for breakfast, other maids are preparing food while Young Master takes a bath first"

  Adeline nodded, she imagined Smith's attitude that made her a little embarrassed actually! Just looking at his maid made him want to wear a mask out of shame.

  Adeline changed clothes, her sleeveless dress became an option. Her natural beauty is now more visible with her hair made a little wavy.

  He then came out of his room, as did Smith who came down the stairs from the second floor.

  His posture was so well formed that Adeline realized herself many times when she saw the man getting closer to her, his good looks stole the attention.

  Smith sat in the chair as did Adeline, after the waiter pulled the chair for them. Smith was silent and just ate his food.

  Adeline felt guilty, was it because she was too bold.

  Seeing that he stopped eating his food, Smith noticed that and glanced at Adeline for a while.

  "Why did you stop eating?" she whispered without glancing at the girl's face.

  "Not in the mood, I'm already full too"

  "Where are you doing today?"

  "Campus!" Adeline replied curtly.

  "I'll take you "No need"

  Adeline took a glass and drank water.

  "Do you choose between drivers over your future husband?"

  Hearing that Adeline immediately choked, she could barely breathe because of the water that made her cough.

  Smith immediately grabbed a tissue and wiped the girl's lips, afraid the waiter would suspect he immediately grabbed Adeline's hand and stood up "Let's go, I'll still take you"

  He held Adeline's hand, which made the girl look at her hand, then the face of the man holding it!

  He was surprised, but not alone because his servants almost all gaped at the attitude of his sweet young master treating his future wife.

  "Should I carry you now?

  This time his servants who were almost out of breath heard his young master speak.

  Smith's words this time made Adeline blink her eyes many times. "What makes him keep changing his attitude in a matter of minutes!" Adeline thought, seeing the behavior of the man in front of her, tilting her head.
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