Chapter 7

  With firm steps and like in a hurry but without letting go of Adeline's hand, Smith only focused on getting to the front of the house and opening the door for the girl.

  "Enter?" said Smith, after opening a luxury car that was no less shiny than the limousine he used to pick up Adeline.

  A Rolls-Royce Wraith Inspired by Film

  yes, a car with all the luxuries that exist.

  Adeline was amazed when she sat there and saw her cabin covered in luxurious leather.

  Then Smith got in and drove the car, as soon as the black car window was raised, things became very beautiful, the ceiling of the car turned full of stars which spoiled Adeline's eyes now.

  It is a matchless beauty, until her mouth is wide open. Smith had time to glance at Adeline's face, which looked very cute at that moment.

  "Could you shut your mouth?" Smith put a seat belt on Adeline.

  They then went to campus.

  As soon as he arrived at the campus area, Smith opened the car door for Adeline. All pairs of eyes were ver
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