Chapter 9

  Smith held his head he almost lost consciousness and grabbed Adeline's shoulder, the girl immediately held the burly body that was bigger than her.

  "Hey, what are you doing?" Adeline looked panicked. "My head hurts" Smith answered quietly.

  Sofia was still awake at that hour, and she went over to Smith and Adeline.

  "Young master, why are you helping me upstairs" Sofia looked more panicked than Adeline whose panic was only within normal limits.

  Sofia supported Smith who looked very unable to bear his headache.

  But he only took one foot up the stairs, Smith let go of Sofia's hand. "Sofia I can do it myself, don't go upstairs and follow the rules as usual" Smith said the words quite clearly, though one hand didn't leave his head.

  "I'll take care of him, don't worry" Adeline interrupted Smith's words.

  "But young master is sick, I will bring medicine then"

  "I'm a Doctor, I'll take care of him"

  "But you're not a Doctor yet." Sofia looked at Adeline's face without blinking.
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