Chapter 10

  Adeline entered her room, she looked in the mirror and continued to wipe her face

  Adding the level of coldness in the room, doesn't make the heat go away. Until he could not sleep and restless all night. "Clark, where is the young lady has she had breakfast?"

  "Young lady hasn't left the room since yesterday, she also doesn't want to eat sir" Clark replied!

  "Is he sick?" thought Smith, he stopped eating and walked towards the girl's room.

  "Adeline, do you want to go to campus together?" said Smith, he kept knocking on the girl's door.

  But there was no answer so he immediately asked Sofia to get the spare key to the girl's room. Once inside, Smith was so surprised that Adeline was in bed asleep! Without closing the door he immediately walked over to her.

  His hand immediately touched his forehead. ''You're sick, I heard you haven't eaten yet''

  Adeline noticed Smith's presence and removed the hand from her forehead.

  "What do you want to do again?"

  "Hey, are you sick bec
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