Chapter 74

  Mr. Jeremy panicked and went into his grandson's room. "Anatasya you why?" Martha's question was immediately followed by a panicked.

  "Are you okay?" Ask Martha again.

  Anastasia instead looked at her continued grandmother and was silent again then looked at Mr. Jeremy and Martha in turn.

  "Don't call my mom and dad!" Anatasya whispered.

  Seeing the unstable condition of their grandson, Jeremy and Martha finally agreed.

  The smell of fresh perfume pierced Sharon's nose, her eyes were forced open. Her husband is now looking at her who is still wrapped in a blanket because of the cold air conditioner in their room.

  "Honey, are you tidy?" she asked seeing her husband who was already wearing a shirt, all he had to do was take off his coat on his broad shoulders.

  ''Yes dear, today there will be a selection for my secretary. Because I think I'll be spending a lot of time with you on vacation.'' Jason replied.

  ''Secretary?'' Sharon's mind drifted away, a CEO's secretary must be p
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