Chapter 75

  The two of them got ready and fastened their seat belts. After Jason turned again to his wife who was silent. "Sir, go to Mama's house, okay?" Jason asked Mr. Asep. "Okay Den." replied Mr.

  Asep, driving the car. "Hey, we're going to Mama's house." Jason said, tilting his head against the back of the car. He doesn't act like a CEO when he's alone with his wife, more like a child whining for breast milk. Sharon tilted her face too. "Yeah I heard, I'm sorry huh? For my childish behavior earlier at the office." Sharon replied feeling sorry for his attitude. "I'm sorry." Jason flashed a smile.

  His face was closer to Sharon but his wife immediately turned her face away, because she felt it was not a safe place considering that Asep was driving. Jason touched his lips, then laughed loudly. Realizing his silliness. Sharon stroked her husband's hand. The car in which the couple was traveling has now arrived at its destination. Sharon is standing in front of the house whose owner is now he
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