Chapter 77

  Their first vacation after marriage is finally done.

  After a strenuous journey that put pressure on their backs, Sharon and Jason finally arrived at the hotel after returning from the hospital, they were picked up by the hotel staff who had been ordered by their mother.

  Once at the hotel, Sharon received a key and went straight to the room with his wife who had been silent because of exhaustion. They immediately lay down on the bed.

  Sharon kept her eyes open, she didn't expect to be able to set foot in the land of a million charms. a view that overlays a view of a tall building, as well as a tower near the sea.

  It's no longer a secret, it is one of the romantic tours here. "Are we really in Britain dear?" said Sharon looking at her husband stretching on the bed.

  "Of course," Jason shifted his sleeping position facing his wife.

  I don't know when the two of them suddenly fell asleep after talking for a bit.

  It's 5 p.m. in the UK. Jetlag is not too pronounced in them becau
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