Chapter 80

  All life goes on, with problems but different activities.

  Days and months passed, in the cold morning.

  The teenager is becoming increasingly violent, he comes out of his room holding a book, for some reason he is angry.

  He walked past his two domestic workers and sat down at the living room table with his legs crossed. It's a beautiful sight for the two housekeepers to enjoy.

  "Ran, I can't do this and Herrin must be responsible for this, my feelings are struggling!" Yuni elbows Rani.

  "Me too but we have to be aware," Rani reminded

  Sharon felt sick to her stomach as soon as she woke up, it looked like water was running down her legs! She screamed as loud as she could, Herrin heard her sister's scream, immediately ran to the second floor until she kicked the end of the table and hurt her leg, but she didn't care, Rani and Yuni also ran.

  Herrin went straight to her sister's door knowing that Jason wasn't home, "Sis, why?" asked Herrin directly approaching her brother.

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