Chapter 81

  Even though he is in a luxurious house with a million facilities, he is still reluctant to open up to his father and mother.

  Anatasya didn't want to talk to her father and mother even after months of living in the guest room at her parents' house.

  Even the girl did not talk to her grandmother and grandfather, it made Adeline even more hurt and worried about her daughter's condition.

  With a heavy heart he finally persuaded Smith to allow Anatasya to go to America at her request, and assigned a tutor to look after her there.

  When leaving even at the last second at the airport, Anatasya just stood waiting for her plane to arrive. The little girl didn't even glance at her father and mother.

  Adeline was crying hysterically enough to hold back the pain in her chest as soon as the princess was out of sight. Smith tried to calm down even though his chest was no less sore.

  In the hospital.

  Denzel left Jason who was still lying on the floor after he hit, he glanced at Sharon who
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