Accidental Affair
Accidental Affair
Author: k.crush


Yasmin felt dizzy as she take another sip of her glass of wine not sure if she was getting drunk she took yet another sip and drop the glass on one of the passing trays she decided to go find her Boss and inform him about her wanting to leave the party early

Her eyes search for him and she couldn’t see him anywhere in the large room or maybe her eyes are feeling a bit weak to see the hall clearly now still determine to find him

She sighted Talia from a distance and walk towards her she called to get her attention since she was busy talking to some other people in the party

“What’s wrong Yasmin? You don’t look good” she said observing her tired eyes

“I’m not sure but I feel so dizzy, where is Boss I can’t find him”

“I think he went to have a talk with the Ambassador minutes ago, I will tell him you are leaving”

Talia offered with a smile and Yasmin nodded at her and mouthed a thank you, she turn to leave but her legs suddenly felt wobble and she almost lost her balance she quickly hold on to something for support while she battle her eyes from closing up

Talia quickly rush to her and held her she rested her whole body on hers for support

“I don’t think you can leave here like this, how about you take a nap to wear off the dizziness”

Yasmin just slightly nodded her head feeling too dizzy to open her mouth it feel like her whole body was going through some pain.

Black empire just acquire a big success one that has never happen in the entire country and tonight’s party was to celebrate and make merry as much as possible

Being the personal assistant to the most demanding and perfect CEO whose company is topping as the third in the whole of America is very tiring especially when you have to be almost as perfect as him in order to meet his standards and demand.

Black Kyler placed first in the most eligible man in the whole of united states every woman desire so much to have him, whether as a husband, boyfriend or even a one night stand

as far as they have a chance with him they are ready to sacrifice everything for him and this has earn him a lot of advantage since people render assistance even without asking for it.

Just as there are gains there are also disadvantage of being popular, a lot of times he gets troubled with different women who tried to have a go at him some even stalk him that he sometimes get caught in scandals

Until two years ago when he got married to Veronica Giuliana breaking a lot of ladies hearts especially those who have set their goals on getting him on their bed.

The unique thing about his wife is that she never drool over President Black like other ladies and even when she was approached by him she had shut him down and walk away, like every love story the handsome president finds her fascinating and interesting picking a liking unto her

After months of persuasion they finally get married surprising everyone who thought President Black is cold to woman based on how he has treated lot of them before then.

They became the couple of the year with many people rooting for their lovely union, Veronica is one of the elegant and beautiful lady known in the nation as a pure beauty and has a lot of men begging for her attention plus she’s of affluent background which made the people conclude they are of perfect match.

Kyler Black unlike some other business men likes to party and tonight isn’t an exception the music was playing a famous hip pop song while the people pick causal conversation among each other having a good time and drinking and eating as much as they want

Although it was a celebration party lot of business men and big companies are also present to acquire favor from the most successful man in the whole of the country and so the party gets a bit serious but luckily for Yasmin her Boss has release her this night and gave her permission to drink and enjoy the party and now it seems like she has overdone the whole enjoyment thing.

Ever since she started work in Black empire she hardly have time to hang out or get this drunk she always have to be available for him in case he needs her and also be responsible as his assistance but not having to drink for a long time seems to have effect on me as she seems to be feeling horrible right now.

Talia handed her the key card to the room and she sluggishly made her way upstairs trying hard not to fall down on the way soon she got to the door and unlock the door without bothering to turn on the lights she went straight for the bed and drop on it, she was about to close her eyes when she heard the door unlock and someone step in

Yasmin couldn’t see the person clearly because of the darkness overshadowing the room, her lips wanted to part up and ask who the fellow is but she found it too weak to move and she had to wait for whosoever it is to get to her

The approaching figure seems tall and was holding something in his hands Talia tried to stand up but her body was too tired to make a move she just lay with her heartbeat pondering at the thought of what the intruder might do to her

with few more steps the intruder got near the bed and sat down at the edge doing something Talia couldn’t see she tried holding her breath but the unbearable pain she was feeling makes it more difficult for her to do so her eyes are starting to give in to the drowsiness and she could barely hold her consciousness now that her senses were all giving in and she know she could no longer stop it from taking over her

Giving the tall man over her one last look she let her eyes embrace the deep sleep she’s been preventing but before she pass out she inhale the smell of his perfume a very familiar scent she will never forget not in this lifetime.

The bright morning light that shone inside the room made Talia open her eyes reluctantly she close them back almost immediately feeling too lazy to stand up she tried adjusting her body on the bed but then felt her bare skin touch something

‘Bare skin?’

she flinched a bit and open her eyes she turn to see who was with her on the bed, his back was facing her so she had to go the other way to see who it is seeing the face of her companion she let out a scream a mistake she wish she has never made because the intruder opened his eyes the instant she scream and turn his face to her, it was no intruder but Kyler Black her Boss at work.

For a moment they both stare at each other confused, Yasmin had her hands covering her mouth in shock while Kyler just stare at the woman in front of him in perplexity he doesn’t seems to get a grasp of the situation not until Yasmin remove the blanket covering her body and ran nakedly into the bathroom

“Yasmin?” he said in shock

pulling the blanket to check himself seeing that he was also naked he quickly put the blanket back over his body staring in space, he tried thinking about what the hell happened yesterday and how he got to the same room with her

it was obvious he spent the whole night with her and since he could feel it something sure happened between them something that should never have happened he heard his phone ring and look on the bed to find it not able to find it there he look down where the sound was coming from and saw his phone almost under the bed he pick it up and with a croaky voice he said a low hello to the caller

“President Black? Where were you since last night I’ve been trying to reach you since yesterday but you didn’t pick my calls, are you okay?”

Kyler look at the screen to be sure who was speaking seeing the name on the screen he cut the call and check his call log to check his missed calls

Twenty three missed calls but nine of them were from her he let out a relieve breath he drop his phone and held his throbbing head

‘what really happened yesterday night?” he wondered, he remember talking to the Ambassador and after that his parents called him to have a little talk and after that what happened? He tried thinking but his brains doesn’t seems to remember it at all.

Yasmin pace around the bathroom not sure what to do she thought of how her Boss ended up sleeping in the same room with her and have something together at that she remember last night when she felt dizzy and took the room key from Talia to take a short nap

Then the figure she saw entering the room and then she black out, is that figure her boss? She wondered still walking around the bathroom with no idea what to do, what happened could be nothing else but a disaster for her of all people to spend the night with

the thought that he’s still in the room and there’s no way she would go out of the bathroom without seeing him made her feel unease she thought of what else to do but nothing seems to be the option than go back into the room since all her things are in there with him plus the door to exit is there.

She pick up a towel from the set packed and walk noiselessly to the bathroom door, she peep to see the room she look around but couldn’t find him stupefied about the fact that he might have left her alone

Yasmin ran out of the bathroom into the room and met with his eyes immediately she came out fully into the room she instantly froze on the spot not sure what to do she look at him and saw he was already dressed up ready to leave he stare at her about to say something to her but at a second thought he pick up something from the drawer near the bed and walk out of the room leaving her in a daze.

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there's a confusion with the names of talia and yasmin.

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