The two glasses clink and Veronica smile at her victory she had just heard the news and receive the video from Conrad about their plan being a success

Yesterday was a day she’s been looking forward to and if she had missed it then she won’t be able to save herself from giving birth to Kyler’s child.

The thought of that almost made her lose herself, giving birth to his child is the last thing she ever wanted in life although she has married him against her wish and desire but she can’t endure having his blood grow inside of her and thanks to Conrad quick thinking they finally have a way to prevent her from getting pregnant.

Kyler Black is a perfect man and never make mistakes therefore there is vividly nothing or no way to get his dark secrets but then being his wife and the closest person to him, Kyler trusts her so much that he could lay his life in her hands and Veronica decided to put that trust to her advantage.

The love he had for her is so strong that if he did anything wrong to her, he will forever feel guilty and won’t be able to come closer or touch her that’s his policy.

Everything about his life have a rule or policy guiding him something Veronica also hates so much, but what will be perfect than to set him up with another woman and frame it as a cheat and at most the lady victim takes the blame of everything while she gets what she wanted.

The strong smell of Conrad’s Tobacco almost choke her and she place her glass on the counter as she squeeze her face at the repugnance odor

“Can you stop smoking that? You know I hate the smell of it” she complained and gave him one of her displeasure look while waiting for him to comply with her request, seeing her upset look Conrad sigh in frustration and put off the smoke

“Shouldn’t you be waiting for him? He should be back home anytime sooner” he asked taking her glass instead of his

“Kyler never gets angry with me neither will he fall out of my charm” she said with so much confidence and smile as he took a sip of her drink, watch for more minutes she planted a kiss on his lips and wanted to go further but he pull out

“What’s wrong?” she whined not liking the fact that he stopped her half way

“Veronica, we have a company here” he informed and turn his gaze to the bar attendant who stood near the counter with glances at them

“So what? I really need to get down with you, right now” she protested and pull in again this time she didn’t give him time to push her off but make him embrace her closer.


The mansion gate opened and Veronica drove in to the mansion as she drive to the large car park in the building she notice his black Lamborghini Veneno, it’s the same car he took to the party yesterday which means he’s already back in the house.

After parking her car properly she spray herself some cologne before exiting from the car, Kyler is sensitive and too much of it might arise suspicion so the lighter the better, she thought as she made her way inside the house straight to the private living room upstairs where she’s sure he would be.

As she walk in a bunch of maids working greeted her but she ignore the whole of them and focus her mind on getting to him.

Since childhood she has always admire this kind of life where people admire and stare at you for being so beautiful and fortunate and being born into a wealthy family she has always lived a life like a princess when she decided to settle down she has chosen to marry Kyler out of all the suitors who were after her then

not because she love him but he was the best candidate among all but after living as his woman for many years she began to lose interest and her hatred for him grows day by day seeing that he’s not ready to let her go

She wanted freedom and a new experience with another man and that other man is Conrad her husband illegimate and notorious brother.

Unlike Kyler who respect her body and go so easily on her by touching her gently and with care and love she prefers Conrad who rough-handled her, tearing off every part of her body with his lustful one and giving her roughly pleasured satisfied sex the same way she has always wanted to be treated in bed.

At first she thought Kyler was the best thing that has ever happened to her but after having an unforgettable night with Conrad on his twenty-third birthday she has lose her insanity and decided to be with him rather than her gentle husband, she knows her reason sounds too ridiculous but then she always get what she want, anytime.

“Madam is back”

Kyler who hasn’t been in his right frame of mind since he left the hotel room opened his eyes to behold his wife, every time he sees her he’s always overwhelm with love for his dear wife but seeing her at that moment a rush of guilt went through his body and the image of another woman in his bed wash over him, he turn his eyes away immediately not bearing to look at her.

“Hi Honey” she greeted and move closer for the usual peck but Kyler turn his face away and pull her a bit away from himself

“I’m tired, I need to go rest” he gave her an excuse which wasn’t good enough to avoid a peck with her

“You know that has nothing to do giving me my usual dose” she said and lean in again but he pull away before she could have the chance

Veronica frown her face looking really upset even though she knew very well why he’s shirking a kiss with her but the thought of torturing him more propane her to make more moves on him

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” she called with bitterness in her voice as she sulk at his rejection

“Veronica, there is something I need to tell you” he said and took her to sit down, she followed obediently looking curiously at him

“Last night...” he begin and she look eagerly at him waiting for him to deliver the news himself then the last play she planned will happen

When he finish explaining yesterday’s incident to her, Veronica eyes were filled with tears as she stood up away from him, she clench her teeth in fury as she receive the news of his last night affair.

Kyler stare at her watching her action and being cautious so she wouldn’t harm herself, being who he is, it’s hard to keep the incident hidden and live his whole life deceiving her but he hated to see her in so much agony as well, he love her so much that he can’t bear to bring pain to her

“How could you Kyler?” she asked her body getting sweaty and her tears falling with so much difficult in her breathing

“I know how much hurt you are feeling right now and no matter what I say the feeling of betrayal will be hard to forget” he said standing up from his unease position

“Is that what you will say? Aren’t supposed to be sober and apologize for hurting me and betraying the promises you made to me? You promised not to share a bed with another woman” she said in a yell

“My sorry won’t change the fact that I did commit the crime of adultery” he said with a blunt face which Veronica couldn’t help but gurgle angrily at lack of emotion

“Did he really feel guilty about this?”

“Or did she make a mistake at her choice of victim?” she wondered as she gape at the guiltless expression on his face.

“I need some time to settle my feelings for you Kyler, I’m sorry but I can’t trust you again you broke my trust and hurt me so much” she cried in his arms and let him hug her in comfort as she continue in her pretentious agony.

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