The little holiday was over and work resume as normal with everyone getting busy, Yasmin resumed early to work than the rest in order to put few things to place.

President Black has always hated a tiny dirt or any trace of error in his space so she had to come in time with the cleaner to monitor their work and see if they had everything properly done, she also has to do a little clean which is why she always had to bring a pair of soft slippers every day to put on and put them off after cleaning to dress up neatly in her heels and not too much perfumed outfit

The first time she had start work with him and had put on too much deodorant to impress him, was the day she received a great humiliation as she was told to go wash them off her body.

Dropping the clean napkin on her desk after a thorough cleaning, the incident flash back into her memory once again and she felt her chest tightened in unknown excitement and fear

Should she assume that finally after eight years of one side crush, there is finally a positive response? But the look on his face when he saw her beside him doesn’t look good at all, he seems mad and disappointed.

Eight years ago when Yasmin became an employee she had encounter President Black back then and he saved her from a gracious fall and helped her with her shoes, something she never expected since then she has develop a soft spot for him and has always stare and admire him from afar with hope of getting closer to him someday.

Luckily for her in her fourth year working in the company, one of the Bosses had made a terrible mistake with the presentation and she being a junior worker then had step in to help, then and there President Black saw her potential and promoted her to be his personal assistant, an opportunity she has always wished for.

At her first day she wore a new outfit and spray herself with perfume and put on a long heels

“You smell like dog pee”

He had commented in front of everyone presence in the room and Yasmin felt so humiliated in his presence

“you didn’t come here to seduce me but to work hard for me so get rid of this smell this minute and make sure your shoes aren’t so ugly next time, plus I hate the new smell coming from your outfit, change it” he ordered

Yasmin had wished at that moment to be carried away into the air or better still disappear into it. That very day she had change everything she put on apart from her inner wears.

The news went out to all like wildfire and she was taunt by it for many days that she so much regretted trying to seduce him although he turned out not to be as nice as she imagine but her love for him never died rather she determined to work so hard and impress him once again with her intelligence.

But life isn’t what she had planned, it was harder pleasing him and working for him but she changed completely after months she felt it was a mission impossible seeing the narcissistic person he is.

But afterall all these years and even when he got married she never let go of her feelings for him rather she kept it to herself and continue to desire him secretively.

Work begin at the early hours and soon she put aside her worries and focus on work, when he came to work he kept a straight face at her as he always do and didn’t say or hint her so she thought maybe he’s going to pretend nothing happened between but she know for sure she can’t just keep it to herself.

“Let go eat lunch” she announced to her standing from her desk, she only had tea in the morning out of anxiousness and feels so hungry now. Everyone stood up and pause their work to go out for lunch but then before they leave he came into the office and call their attention

“Miss. Owens?”

We all looked at Talia whose name is called and she raise her hand in recognition, we all waited for him to say whatever it is he called her for, some looked curious and some looked impatient and hungry but I looked at her in confusion

“Why is he calling for her and not me?” she wondered

“I want to see you in my office now” he said after casting his eyes at her carefully and exit the office, while Talia who seems nervous followed after him and the rest went out for lunch.

Yasmin’s feels unsettled during lunch and quickly finish eating before the others

“I will go back first” she had said and left back to the office before others. She got to the office and sat down while she strain her eyes over to the president office to know if Talia is still in there or not

she look inquisitive towards the office again and decide to bring snacks and coffee to his office, in a hurry she get some snacks and made coffee with no sugar she place carefully on a small tray and proceed to his office.

Just before she got to the door it came open, saving her the trouble of knocking but then president Black came out of the office and Yasmin found herself smiling the moment she saw him, she quickly walk forward and stretch her hands forward a little

“I brought some coffee and snacks” she said with beams


Kyler waited for her to come in and keep a straight face, he looked like he was about to break a bad news to her, being a great businessman over the years he is never afraid to speak out his mind but looking at her smiling face, he felt a pang of guilt inside of him but that isn’t enough to make him change his mind.

“Place it here” he told her and watch her do so with excitement, the more he sees her cheerful face, the more he finds his decision difficult to standby.

“Kyler Black never finds it to speak his mind” he console himself and gaze at her looking relaxed

After placing the tray down, Yasmin waited hoping he would say something to her, she really hope he doesn’t want to pretend like nothing happened between them

“Don’t you have something to say to me sir?” she asked after minutes of silent from him

Kyler glance at her and focus back to his computer, after he was done he look back at her again

“Go get your sack letter from Talia” he said and Yasmin excited face turned sour immediately, she doesn’t seems to understand what he just said

“What? I don’t…what?” she asked confused and worried

“I hate repeating myself Yasmin” he said irritably

“But what did I do to deserve being fired?” she wanted to know, she hasn’t except him to fire her after sleeping with her, it was his mistake not hers

“It’s my company not yours and I decided whatever I want, hand over your duties to Talia and leave immediately”

“I think I have the right to know why I I’m being fired” she said stubbornly feeling angry now at the whole thing, first he slept with her and now she’s getting sacked unjustly

“What is my offense president Black?” she demanded to know

“Oh so you want to know, fine I’ll tell you” he said and stood up from his seat approaching her

“But first should I pay you for the sex?” he asked stonily

Yasmin stare dumbstruck at him wondering where that just came from,

“Is he taking her for a slutty bitch who gets paid after sex?’ she asked herself with a heavy heart

“I don’t know what you were expecting but this is it and I’m sure you are not expecting some sort of apology from me”

“Wait, I still don’t get why you should fire you, if you want to keep it secret I mean if you don’t want the incident remembered it’s cool but…”

She almost bite her tongues as she said those words, forget about it? She certainly can’t and neither can she be cool at all

“whether you forget it or not it’s your business but what I’m telling you is I’m in no way responsible for what happened, you climb into my bed remember?” he said and Yasmin felt his words stung her heart, she look at her with hurtful and miserable gaze and watch him stare back unmoved

“What was I expecting anyway?’ she murmur to herself

“I heard that” he snapped

“Maybe they were meant for your ears to hear” she snap back at him not caring anymore, she’s fired anyways

“Just get out and if you need compensation you can tell Talia the amount you want” he said dismissively

“You know I never thought Kyler Black is such a coward who backs off from responsibility”

“Watch your language Miss Cassidy” he fired angrily

Yasmin wipe off the drop of tears that fell on her left cheek and tilt her head confidently

“You should have atleast done this the right way”

“What right way? Making you my mistress or divorcing my wife and getting married to you? Don’t be silly young woman, you are lucky I’m not taking this up”

“You are making this sound like I’m villain who intended to ruin your home whereas I’m the victim”

“Victim?” he asked standing up “if you are the victim you wouldn’t be on my bed way before I arrived there”

“That was…” she wanted to explain but she stop

it’s over there is literally no point in trying to convince him or explain things to him, it’s so obvious he has his thought settled on the fact that she intentionally get into his bed, that’s it she can’t take it any longer.

She burst off his office and march to hers to clear off her table, a final goodbye to Black empire and her long time crush, Kyler Crust Black.

She walk out of the building but just few steps away from it, she change her mind from a final goodbye to a see you soon.

“No matter how long, I will come back and definitely have a comeback on him and his company” she promised and walk away

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