Six weeks later…

Wearing a creamy long sleeve shirt with a knee leveled skirt to match and a heel, Yasmin walk into a café shop looking so different from her usual self, she ordered for a cappuccino and took it to cornered seat while she gets busy with her phone as she await someone.

An average height man walked into the same café shop and look around until his eyes settled on her, he smiles in acknowledgement and went ahead to get his own drink before approaching the table

“You look radiant today” he complimented as he got to her

“Thank you” she replied with a brighten expression while she took off her glasses and place them beside her cup

“I’m sorry I’m late”

“No I’m just a bit earlier” she said and clean her mouth with the tissue on the table

“You look so ready to visit old friends today” he said and Yasmin nodded with much confident

“Old friends? More like old enemies” she replied and shared a smile with him, they both focus on their drink for a while and after that decide to leave

“Shall we go?” he asked and Yasmin nodded readily.

They got outside where the driver was waiting and entered the car, before the car took off he takes her hand

“If you feel nervous just lean on me, I’m here to help”

“I don’t think that will be necessary I can manage just fine” she reply him with an assuring smile and he smile back

“Let’s go” he said to the driver who nodded and start the car engine.

The shiny bright sign reads Black empire upfront and the car halt there, two people got out of the vehicle and the driver went ahead to park the car. They both stare at each other momentously before proceeding inside the company.

Lot of eyes settled on them as they walk to the elevator, they both snub the inquisitive and odd looks and proceed to the eight floor as that’s their destination.

The moment they walk in, eyes settled on them again but this time on this particular person who seems familiar to most of them, they watch as they both stroll directly to the meeting room.

The door opens and everyone’s head snap to the door to see who is it that just arrived, after ten seconds of the door being opened, they both step in creating attentions to theirselves.

Some stood up in recognition while some remain seated while they await them to take their seats, they were lead to their seats just as the right side of the cabin but then just as they are about to be seated a hand snapped diverting everyone

“What is she doing here?” he asked with a puckered brow

“What do you mean President Black? She’s with me” he answered with a mischievous smirk seeing that he’s not convince, he gave a little laugh and gesture to her introduce herself

“Hello, I’m Yasmin Cassidy, representing ARON” she introduced and Kyler saw the obvious malicious smirk on her lips.

“I’m back Kyler Black and this time I’m going to pay you back in the same coins you paid me” she said inwardly and take her seat right after him.

The atmosphere of the felt frosty after and everyone stare in tension at the feelings being passed across the room, not knowing what is the cause for the sudden change mood

After waiting for a while for both parties to speak to continue the party, the others in the room begin to clear up their throat to gain their attention back to the main purpose of the meeting

“Do you feel ill?” he suddenly face one of the senior manager who keeps coughing up

“No President Black, I’m sorry” he apologize and adjust himself on the seat.

“Like I introduced earlier I’m Yasmin and I will be working together with you all for the new venture which the two great companies will be starting soon” she explained

She felt his eyes on her but made sure to compose herself and make sure her eyes doesn’t glance at him for a second rather she look focus at the others

“I will like to introduce the President of ARON, Mr. Thompson Bays” she announced and everyone greeted him formally

“And also Mr. Bays, this is President Kyler Crust Black” she said and put on a professional smile as she introduce them formally

“I’m sure there’s no need for that”

“Of course there is, this is afterall a formal business meeting” she said keeping the smile on her face.

“Why don’t we talk about the new business now?” Thompson suggested and ended the rising heat between the two.


Thirty minutes to the meeting and Yasmin was already feeling irritated, she glare at him for the fifth time since he begin his talk, she stare down at the original proposal on the table and feel exasperated as his words

“I don’t think that makes much of a sense” she burst out and the others who had their attention on him turned them on her after hearing her sentence

“What?” he asked not believing his ears, did she just interrupt him?

“Practically you will be changing the whole proposal for the business which wasn’t what was agreed on by the two parties, it will be going against the agreement” she said and took a gulp from the bottle water in front of her

“I don’t think I need to listen to a common representative while the president of the company is here” he remarked and ignore her

“Are you saying you are disregarding my presence that could be count as a disrespect on ARON” she continued determined to piss him off

“I doubt you came for something else than the business being discussed”

“Why would you think that? What else will I come to Black to do rather than talk about the new business?”

this time everyone look on wondering where their discussion is heading but Yasmin can’t careless about the stares and murmur, she has a determined look in her eyes

“I find you talking back at me disrespectful woman” he said his voice raised than intended she seems to be getting to him now

“You sound as disrespectful too” she returned

“You are crossing the line Yasmin” he yell this time fuming with his hands in a fist

“You crossed that line first when you fired me for no reason Mr. Black” she let out and gave a deep breathe

“It’s President Black” he corrected sternly

“Oops my bad”

“Miss Cassidy I think you should stop now” the person sitting next to her tried to persuade her to stop

“What? I’m just being concerned since President Black here is somewhere who might run away from responsibilities when he feel lost” she answered and cross her arms

“I need you out of this meeting and project!” Kyler yell at her standing up at his feet having the last of it, the insult is too much for him to condone and he cannot take it any longer neither can he stand her impudent.

“You can no longer order me or make decision about me, I no longer work for you remember” she resorted

They both had a tug of stares before Kyler finally exit the room after threatening to end his company contract with ARON.

Back to the Café Thompson went to the counter to get her a cold soda to cool down, he handed it to her and watch her drink it at a go almost finishing the content of the tall glass

Thompson laughed the rigid manner in which she drinks and gave a tissue to clear her lips “you went too far Yasmin” he said after seeing her calm face

“I’m sorry I just couldn’t hold it” she said and put down the tissue

“I understand but daring Black is like daring poverty”

“what are we going to do now?” she asked feeling guilt-ridden for her unthoughtful actions, when she had saw her back then looking so good and guiltless after rendering her jobless make her so pissed off that she couldn’t contain her anger anymore

“We have to beg him now, that’s the only way to please him and make sure the contract is secured for ARON”

“I’m really sorry Mr. Bays” she apologize sincerely even though she knows her apologize is useless

“Don’t worry Yasmin, just focus on you main goal and things will be fine” he said and smile to her face watching her closely, Yasmin nodded and took her drink to finish it.

Right, she just need to do as planned and things will be alright, she will be able to let go of her hatred for him only after defeating him and making him give an apology.

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