Sleep with me this once

The plan to finally get rid of her husband and be with who her heart belongs to now was going perfectly for Veronica, these days she has exhausted a lot of things from Kyler all in guilt of having cheated on her.

What’s more it is that they don’t share the same bed anymore and in order to heal her wound she has requested a time space between them which includes a travel out and a secret romantic trip with Conrad.

Life for her couldn’t have been so hard and this for her is the beginning of a new life of freedom, with a divorce paper in place and evidences to proof that he cheated on her, veronica felt on top of her game as she took a cocktail to celebrate her success.

She requested a maid to open the drink and pour her a glass, with her drinks in her hand she click glass to the air and took a tiny sip then dropping the glass as she felt nauseous all of a sudden.

Not wanting to make a big deal she took the glass again and finish the content once and for all but then her stomach begin to feel upset and in a moment she hurried to the bathroom to throw up.

“what the hell” she wondered, not sure why the nauseous pop in, without wasting time she put a call through to the family doctor and ask to see him tomorrow for her checkup.

The illness got worsen the next day and Veronica could hardly get out of bed, she needed so much for Kyler to be there but for more than seven weeks now they haven’t talk to each other and hardly see so there is no way he’s going to be here.

The maid who came in to clean her room saw her weak state and quickly call for a doctor to come over, angry at the maid for calling an unfamiliar doctor to check on her Veronica yelled angrily but seeing she has no choice with the headache and other emotional feelings right now she accept to get treat by her.

“Congratulations ma’am you are pregnant” the doctor announced happily as she help her sit up

“What crab are you talking about? I’m on contraceptives” she said throwing her hands off

“Well madam that doesn’t guarantee hundred percent, although I don’t know why you might not want a child now but I hope you keep this one”

“What?” Veronica yelled reality dawn on her at that moment, this is disastrous, how could she be pregnant this is definitely trouble for her.

“Doc” she grabbed her hands which she had just thrown away minutes past

“I need this baby gone, I don’t care if it cost my life but I definitely can’t have this thing inside of me” she said desperately and the Doctor look on not sure what to do

“Why would you want to hurt yourself rather…?”

“Stop with the crap okay? I don’t need your opinion just do what I asked”

“But ma’am…”

“Five million” she said and the doctor’s countenance lighted up at the amount of money

“To keep your mouth shut and to get rid of this thing without anyone else knowing about it” she offered

“Of course I will try my best to ensure this goes well, my lips are sealed” the doctor agreed and they both decided to contact each other secretly until she could get an abortion.


A week after many failed attempt to get an abortion Veronica became devastated on what to do, she has tried many times to get rid of the baby growing in her but to no avail as her life is seriously in line, having no choice left she phoned Conrad to sought out a solution to the disaster.

They met at the usual place and immediately he got into the room and rush at her for a kiss but surprisingly for him she push him off and turn away, not giving up he came behind her and attempt a kiss on her shoulder wanting to take control of her body

this time she almost gave in as the kisses trail down to her cleavage but then remembering the crucial reason for being there in the first place she turn away again and push him off weakly

“Stop Conrad” she half-pleaded

‘What is it? Didn’t you call me here to get laid?” he asked upset at the rejections

“No, I need to talk to you” she answered

Conrad whose desire was to have a crazy sex suddenly lose interest and took out a cigarette from his pocket, he lighted it up and took a puff blowing away

“Can you not smoke and listen to me?” she said angrily at his nonchalant attitude

“No I won’t, not until I whip your ass into a perfect submission” he answered with a playful grin

“I’m pregnant Conrad” she throw the bomb

“So? Congratulations, is that why we can’t have sex?” he said with another puff

“Can’t you get your head over sex and listen to me? This isn’t Kyler’s baby” she screeched.

Conrad dropped the cigarette in his hands and match it with his shoes to put it off scattering his hair in the process

“You could have said that earlier” he said getting out of his horny mood

“You could have aborted it rather than inform me, besides are you not on pills”

“It’s not my fault your manhood was big enough to pierce through everything and result into this” she lashed

“You think I don’t know what to do” she said and pause to catch her breathe

“I can’t have an abortion, I will lose my life if I do” she informed with a piteous look

“Damn!” he cursed biting his thumb in frustration at the news

“Just tell Kyler you are having his baby then” he suggested resorting to his last thought

“That won’t work too” Veronica answered and Conrad frowns wondering what other excuses she has

“I haven’t sleep with Kyler since the incident, if he knows I’m pregnant we are doomed Conrad” she said and hug him to console herself

Okay calm down and let’s think together” he said and brought her to sit on the cushion

They remain in each other’s arm for a while until Veronica lean in for a kiss, Conrad whose body already desired the lust didn’t hesitate to respond.

Half way to their smooching Conrad suddenly pull out an idea in his head on what to do, he shook her slightly excited at his solution

“you shouldn’t sleep with me now you need to make Kyler Black have sex with you before the week runs out” Veronica stared at him trying to force a smile but she couldn’t since his solution seems a bit confusing for her

“Don’t you get it? The pregnant is just a month or thereabout, what if Kyler get to sleep with you before it reaches two months old, then you can claim to have an early birth” he poured smiling at the possible solution

“And that will work?” she asked doubtfully

“Just follow my lead” he assured and hug her again feeling relieved.


Just as planned Veronica put on a new cleavage with four strings back and thongs to go with it, already taken her bath with her body fairly wet she lay down on the bed and waited for his arrival.

It been so long since and her body can’t wait to have him although not as much as she craves Conrad.

The long wait suddenly came to an end when she heard the sound of his car driving into the park, feeling excited and a bit nervous she waited till he gets to the room to meet his surprise.

More than twenty minutes was gone and Veronica is starting to get impatient and irritated, how long is she going to wait she wondered to herself seeing no sight of him in the hallway to the room as she peeped

“What could be keeping him? I told the chef not to cook anything and just tell him to come upstairs”

After waiting for like forever she angrily grab her phone and dial the housekeeper’s number and the moment it was receive she spoke angrily

“Where is my husband?”


“never mind” she cut the call and quickly put on a nightdress making her way downstairs to see what’s going on

Searching for him, she found Alex in the living room with one of the maids and she approach him to ask questions

“Where is your Boss? Isn’t he here with you? Don’t tell me you came alone, why did you drive his car then?”

“Good evening Mrs. Black, President Black won’t be returning home tonight” he answered and drop the glass of finished water

“What?” she snarled “why? What happened? Why didn’t he call to inform me?” she ask in a rush again

“He just had a lot to do and needed to catch early flight tomorrow morning, also he sent me to inform you”

“And rather than inform me you were busy drinking” she yelled at him passing aggression

Calming down after the yell she asked to know when he will be back and the answer given to her isn’t what she wanted to hear, time is definitely not on her side and the faster she gets to sleep with him the better.

Racing back to the room she pick her phone to call him and see if she could make him change his mind and come back home to sleep but his number isn’t reachable

She resorted to texting instead and told him she already forgave him for the affair and needed him back as soon as possible

“I need you to sleep with me” she begged.

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