She's pregnant?

Worried president Black sat the office without doing anything but ruminating his thought and trying to get his emotions to one piece the sooner he does seems to be the better for him Now that she’s back and he might have to keep seeing her more than often.

He had tried to avoid this situation but maybe heavens is playing games with him and brought her back to him again

Kyler had thought once she’s gone everything will be fine but he never imagine her to be back and this time she seems to harbor hatred in her heart towards him.

Remembering today’s meeting with her and the way she countered him with so much effrontery and rendered him almost out of speech made a smile escape his lips as he swivel the chair he is sitting on at the thought.

“Fuck!” he cussed inwardly getting out of his trance and hitting the table in irritation, this is bad for him.

Having the thought of another woman in his heart is something he detest for himself, right from being a twelve years old boy he had made a promise within himself not to end up like his father but with his messed up thought now he couldn’t help but be in despair.

He took his coat and ask his driver to take him to a hotel to spend the night, determine to over this immoral feelings he decided to stay away from Veronica who he can’t help but feel guilt at her sight and until he sort out his emotions and get them into place.

Days were counting so is hours and as each hands click on the watch Veronica heart skips a beat at the fear of failing in her plans, everything she tried to get Kyler back to the house for the past five days failed totally and her patient is running out.

She called Conrad to ask what to do and the only thing he could say to her was to try harder

“You said he won’t fall out of your charm, do what you do best” he had said and claim to be busy then cut the call

“I’m veronica Giuliana” she pick up her back after dressing in a macro skirt and a x-cross top with a peep toes heels, placing her negligee necklace.

Today is the last resort for her to get this done if not she might end up a disgraced woman and kick of Black empire empty-handed, spraying her usual perfume she got out of the house and headed straight to the empire, if they were going to have this sex inside his office she doesn’t care

“Whether under or on the table, which either ways is fine” she was determined and desperate.


The last first meeting was a bit messy and unsuccessful so after much deliberation and appeal the new business is on again between the two companies and this time a more organized meeting was scheduled.

Throughout the meeting Yasmin tried to keep her anger, talking and arguing only when needed although she still provoked him but he was also ready to tackle all her tantrums and ended the meeting successfully.

“About the new team to be formed, Miss Cassidy will be the team leader for ARON’s team”

Thompson informed and the new information doesn’t sit well with Kyler, accepting this means he will have to see her much more often

“I don’t think Miss Cassidy will be able to work here, after being fired by this very same company”

“Why can’t I? I didn’t come back for Black but for ARON, president Black and trust me I’m not a coward who runs away rather face issues head up” she replied causing a rise in his anger

“I wish you good luck then Mrs. or Miss Cassidy” he said with a mockery face and walk out of the room.

“Please Yasmin, I know you can’t stand him and hate him but for the sake of the business be professional”

Thompson reminded her just outside the building and she nodded at him with a smile promising to do as much as not letting her feelings get involved again.

Just as their car drove out, Veronica’s car drove in at a fast speed and stepping out of it, people who saw her couldn’t help but admire and marvel on the sexy woman who just arrived, people stare as she walk in and even when she got into the elevator, loving the attention she’s getting her phone rings and it was Kyler

“I’m coming home tonight” he said but she could sense his voice wasn’t at all excited, he sounded disturbed.

“I’m on my way to your office” she said and hang up the phone as the elevator stops.

When she got the secretary’s office she is allowed access to go immediately seeing that it’s the boss lady

“Why are you here?” Kyler asked the second she step into the office

“For you” she said and move closer to him

Kyler didn’t resist but let her catch him instead maybe this is the only way to free himself, having sex with the woman he loves is sure to wash all memories of another woman or whatsoever it is that is still lingering

Veronica came fully at him with a kiss which he assent to, he grab her hips and let their feelings flow in while they share a passionate kiss.

The kiss didn’t last long as Veronica pull down her skirt eagerly and rush in for more but seeing that Kyler is taking it slow she couldn’t help but groan, not satisfied but not going to give up she tug him for more and begin a French kiss to stimulate things and it work just like it always does.

Kyler’s hands quickly went up her dress and he tried to loosen them without breaking the kiss but just as his hands touch the neckline of the dress, he felt a couple of images flash through his head making him stop touching he wanted to pull out of the kiss

But Veronica wouldn’t allow him rather she grab him back with her leg wrapping them around him tightly and desperately.

Mustering his courage he try again continuing their kiss and his hands finding her top again, he decide to go faster about it to avoid what happened seconds ago but then the images flash through him again and a feeling arouse in him

“Lemon sage” he whispered involuntarily

The moment he gave in to his sub conscious feeling, the image of the night in the room came clearly into his head and her face came into picture which made him halt abruptly the kiss and move away from his wife

“What is wrong with you?” Veronica almost yelled

“I can’t do this now, maybe some other time” he excused and walk out of his office

Veronica stomp her feet in defeat and irritation, she almost had him trapped just a minute to seal him down he pull out. She drag her skirt back to her waistline and suddenly reoccur something

“why did he touch me like that?’ she wondered aloud finding it new.

The next day after trying so hard and rejecting his wife throughout the night, Kyler sat tiredly on the long cushion hoping to have a short rest but then his phone rings and he stand up to answer it

“Your wife is in the hospital” the caller informed


Kyler ran to the ward where Veronica was laid and plant a kiss on her forehead before turning to the doctor to ask what happened

“Your wife is five weeks pregnant and she attempted an abortion” he said to the perplexed and confused Kyler

“Pregnant? My wife?”

‘Yes and it seems she took some pills to get rid of it, thankfully she was brought on time and we were able to save both mother and child’s lives” he inform happily and went off to do some other duty promising to come back when she awakes

“Why did Veronica try to abort our baby?” he wondered staring at her closed eyes he has always wanted to have his own kids and definitely with her.

Kyler place his palm on his wife stomach trying to see if he could feel the baby that way

“so there is a….five weeks?” he thought remembering the doctor’s word minutes ago he remembered clearly that five weeks was mentioned by the doctor and for six weeks he haven’t had sex with her

“She’s pregnant?” he asked himself again as he withdraw his palm from her stomach not sure what to think.

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