Accepting the baby

….the past…

The exquisite living room looks a bit messy from the usual picture and as young Kyler entered the room he knew at once what had happened in the room, his legs hesitated for some moment but then he turned to go into his room and lock himself up.

Rosa’s eyes watch him till the door closes, her messy clothes as well as ruffled hair made her feel ashamed to be seen by her son in such situation, her gaze turned to her husband who sat on the lounger with his loosed boxers looking nothing less.

As usual he had just rough handled her and that too inside the living room without any care or shame, Rosa who look at her husband and saw no iota of regret or shame in his action burst into tears covering her face fully with her palms.

Young Kyler in his room also struggle with the tears that kept falling, he has gotten used to the scene of seeing his mother being molested by his father and every time this happens he had no choice than to go to his room an cry silently.

Then on a fate
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