One night stand again?

Yasmin walk into the clubhouse with a gloomy face and head to grab a drink, asking for a more stronger alcohol than she usually take, she gulp it all down despite the bartender words not to drink it all at once. Not satisfied, she took ask for another drink and quickly took it down her throat and felt a sharp pain through her body, knowing she has gone a bit too far, she decided to go to the bathroom.

On the way to the bathroom, she sighted another large room, a little bit far off the loud blasting room, it seems like a VIP room seeing there are bodyguards who look hefty and unfriendly.

“Maybe that’s where she needed to be”

She thought and walk towards the room, after giving a little lie, she’s allowed inside the almost empty room and walk around trying to get a convenient place to sit down.

At a glance to the right side, she sighted President Black and turn away almost immediately, wanting to go back to where she came from

“What is he doing here?” she asked herself, worried he might
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