Falling back in love


The group of workers stood side by side as they watch President Black walk in the parallel line they created, it was Yasmin’s first day at work and the first time she would be seeing her super awesome Boss like everyone describe him to be

Although she hasn’t really been excited about it but just like every lady she sure put on some make-ups to make herself look pretty and go to buy some new dresses for a change.

When he was about to walk pass her, Yasmin felt it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to see him up-close so against the rule, she raise her head up a little to have a glance at his face

Unluckily for her, the Boss was standing so close to her that the moment she raise her eyes up to look, his eyes were staring at her, flustered at that instant she gasp out loudly and jolt backward in a dash breaking her heels

But his hand grip her before she could make a ridiculous fall and held her in an embrace, looking more flustered, Yasmin quickly withdraw away and said a
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