Doubting Black

Kyler's mind become more disrupt learnig that Veronica really planned it out

He still couldn't figure out her motive and decide to give a long thought.

A thought pop into his mind and he quickly shake it off his mind

There is no way Veronica would have been cheating on him even before that night.

The only reason explanation to give to his absurdity is that and as absurd as his thought sounds, Kyler feel like he is right too again

Taking a slow rethink of Everything Veronica had told him, most of it feels like bull shit now

None of it makes sense enough for her to cheat on him with his cousin.

Although these realizations came to him, he didn't feel a slight sad, maybe because he has never believe her explanations but only acted for his own advantage.

Kyler decide to carry out an investigation about the whole thing, if Veronica had drugged him so he could sleep with Yasmin, what is the reason?

Or did it just accidentally happen to be her?

He already have a lead so he started from there
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