Keeping a tail on her

The report that they have both visited her parents and spend a week there make Kyler more infuriated

Meeting her parents already means the two are in some serious relationship

How could he be so blind to notice something was going on between them?

She's really a professional to have hid it completely from him and he did not suspect a thing.

Alex on the other hand watch Kyler pour out his anger as he hold tight into the pen in his hands and manage to break it into half

Maybe he should have keep the information to himself and lie to him when he asked what he has found

But not telling also means lying and concealing the truth, he can't afford to break his trust like everyone around him has done.

"I am yet to find out what happened in the hotel, maybe you should wait before making a conclusion..."

"She didnt even call that night to explain, it clearly means she's done with me"

"She did!"

Kyler turn his head sharply at him not sure he heard him clearly and Alex look unfazed

"I answered
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