Getting back together

Kyler drive to Yasmin's house after listening to everything and finding out what might be going on

After listening to Talia's narration he was a bit confused and wonder if Veronica has really done such thing

But then Talia told him she has never seen her together with Thompson Bays and the last time Yasmin had talked about him was when he kissed her out of nowhere and she has pushed him away angrily

And also the fact that she hasn't been going to work for sometimes now.

Kyler was still trying to contemplate what is going on when the person he had send to keep tail on her report to him

'Someone else seems to be keeping a watch on her'

Kyler was put at another confused state and try to find out who might be keeping a tail on her

He suddenly become agitated and start to feel that something might be wrong after all.

The night Talia told him she was called to the hospital was the same night he had caught her at the hotel with Thompson Bays

Why would she be at the hospital then?

Kyler ha
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