A dangerous affair

Immediately the news was released online, every other medias take it over and turn it into a wildfire spread topic

There are different headlines given as deem fit and in matter of time people start to give their opinion of the piece of news

Yasmin find out late about the fire burning online and got attacked by few people on her way back home when she went for a walk

At first she was put in a dazed situation not understanding what was going on until one of the women cuss at her and soon the rest had her in their midst as they make attack of words on her

She manage to escape them without getting scathe and take out her phone to find out what was going on

When she get online, she realize the medias is going bummer with the news of her affair with President Kyler Black.

Yasmin become afraid of what will happen now and first call his number but couldn't get through

She dial her parents after hoping to explain things to them before they get wind of it from online but it was too late

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