Can we overcome this?

Yasmin cut the call again after failing to make her parents understand her

She has been on this for hours now and they just can't accept or see any of her words or decision to be with a married or divorcee

"Come home if not we will go to you" her parents words ring in her head

If they really came here then they will definitely cause trouble and add to her distress

The housekeeper bring me a warm drink to coll her nerves seeing how tense she is

President Black has brought her to his vacation house like he promised and unlike her noisy place filled with reporters this is quiet

Except for the security guards who keep stand at the entrance just to ensure her safety.

"You look a bit pale" the lady told her and Yasmin give a false smile before touching her face to see

Not that she does not like the Lady but she's a really busybody and talks a lot

"You should really eat well and stop being on unnecessary diet"

"I'm not on diet" Yasmin try to tell her but she just keep talking on and on gi
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