Kyler walk to the meeting room with Alex behind him holding a document in his hands and an ipad.

Everyone was already inside waiting for him to arrive for the meeting to start

"You don't look good President Black or should I say brother?" Thompson taunt as soon as they get in

Kyler ignore him and sit down making him as comfortable as possible

"Now we would start this meet..."

Just as they are to start soemone rush in interrupting and go to whisper into Alex's ear

He immediately turn up the big screen connecting to the new TV and everyone turn to it curious to know what's up

The news headline reads 'another illegitimate daughter of Chairman Tony Black appears and claim to be the one keeping him hidden for years'

Kyler reads the headline with an angry expression and sigh seeing Talia sitting in front of many reporters

"She must have thought this was the only way to help you" Alex whispered to him.

He switch off the TV and everyone turn their attention back to the meeting with mixed
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