A sad ending?

After calling back and finding out what happened to Yasmin, Kyler drive in a blindly rush to the hospital lucky not to get into an accident.

He got to the hospital and ask for her, a nurse lead him to where she was and he stare in dazed shock seeing her lie on the bed

He manage to get his muscles out of the shock and walk closer to her

There is bandage around her chest and she looks unconscious.

"Yasmin?" He called terrified out his wit.

He called her again but got no answer and his panic grow more

Kyler turn to the doctor to find out what is going on

"Thankfully the stab wasn't so deep and it manage not to touch any vital part*

"She is in shock right now, it might take a little while for her to wake up but I assure you she's fine"

Kyler give a relief sigh and turn to hold her hands and rub them in his palms to make her feel less cold

He thought of calling Alex to cone over but decide against it, he has just gotten back together with his boyfriend and need a break with each other

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