Young Black

Four years and six months later...

Yasmin try to grab her phone and hold unto the stubborn child trying to escape from her

She manage to grab the phone and hold it between her left ear and shoulder then grasp him with her two hands

"Hi Mom" she said into the phone

"We're good, Sean is as stubborn as ever" she said still struggling with him and watch him laugh in mockery of her

"Come back to the states?" She asked her expression changed

In the little daze moment, he manage to escape from her grasp and try running out but Talia walk in

"Grab him!" She yelled to her

Talia who did not quickly catch on try to get the young boy but he outsmarted her and run to the door

Yasmin drop the phone and run after him to get him back inside the house.

She and Talia struggle for a while but finally caught him and bring him back

"What did he do this time?" Talia asked catching her breathe

"Another report from her teacher for misbehaving"

"He told the poor lady to go back to pre-school to learn from
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