Chapter 2 Unpleasant First Meeting

Donning tattered shorts paired with a loose black sweatshirt and sneakers, Amelia and her friends made way to the crowded aisle of the Lindt Mall. Although the three of them constantly banter about a lot of things, even petty ones, they love to spend time together during the weekends.

"Lia, there's a new summer dress I've been dying to have. It's a limited edition and it's only available in three colors but only one per color. I really love the yellow one. I have to buy it before anyone does, please, let's go to the shop first" Cristy pleaded while they all entered the mall entrance. 

"K, let's go there first" Lia casually agreed while Caleb followed in silence. Cristy is seeming to be bouncing in glee while entering the elevator that will bring them to the fourth floor of the mall. 

The instant the elevator door opened, she hurriedly dragged the two towards the exclusive shop where the dresses are already on display. 

"Wow, there it is Lia" Cristy whispered in awe while her eyes glistened with admiration at the dress being worn by the mannequin. 

"You get it now, or somebody might snatch it from you" Caleb reminded the drooling girl who instantly snap from her reverie. 

"Miss I will get this dress, the yellow one please" she immediately spoke to the attendant while she caressed the soft cloth with the tip of her fingers.

"Right away, Miss..." the store attendant responded with a smile before turning away to get the yellow dress from the display and handing it to her. 

Cristy's eyes sparkle with pure admiration while staring at the dress she is holding.  

"I can't understand why girls could this be petty. It's just another dress. What difference does it have from all the other dresses" Caleb mumbles with slight confusion and amusement at Cristy's animated expression. 

"You will never understand" Cristy glares at Caleb while pursing her lips to a sulk. 

"Come on now, let's pay so we can go" Lia spoke while smiling at Cristy whose smile is very contagious. 

"I want that yellow dress!" everyone tensed when a hard and bratty voice echoed inside the store. 

Cristy by instinct hugged the dress close to her body before turning to the voice.  

Seeing the entourage entering the store, they were welcomed by the glaring eyes of a woman whom they have just seen a few days ago in the news. 

"Give me that dress, I want that yellow one. You can choose the other two colors" the woman spoke directly at Cristy. Her demanding tone and raised brow intend to intimidate. 

But Cristy was not deterred, she even raise her own brow, higher than the woman. 

"I got this first...this is mine..." she mutters seriously. 

"Not for long. I want that dress" the woman insisted with a smirk which made her more annoyed. 

Ignoring the pompous woman, she turns toward the cashier to pay.

"I'll pay for this dress now..." she announces to the cashier who looks anxious. The poor employee was nervously glancing at both of them, torn about who to believe.

"You don't know who I am? Do you not value your work here?" the woman smirk and ask the cashier with a glint of warning. 

The cashier was dumbfounded as she stares at the woman's eyes when another group entered the shop.

"Have you bought the dress? I still have a meeting" the very familiar man asks with such authority, earning everyone's attention.

"Vasili, that girl stole the dress from me" the woman viciously whined to the newcomer.

Cristy's eyes grew so wide from disbelief as she abruptly turn towards the man who squinted his sharp eyes towards her. 

"I... I didn't...steal...I got this first..." she tries to explain despite her stammering voice. 

"I like that dress, Vasili" Sophia whined cheekily at the man who is already staring back at her. 

"Then get it" he replies casually. 

"But that stubborn girl is about to pay for it. She will steal it away from me" Sophia pursed her lips and whined cutely. The older woman is acting like a victim but her vicious smirk did not escape Amelia's eyes. 

The cashier is also anxiously gaping at the guests, totally lost about what to do. She clearly recognized the imposing man with his entire entourage but the younger one was the first to ask for the dress. Wealthy people are so petty, making their job difficult. 

Vasili turns to look at the girl at the counter who is tightly hugging the dress. Her head is shaking in disagreement with what the woman was telling them. 

"Do you have any other color of that dress?" he turned to the store attendants. 

"We have an available color of blue and brown, Mr. Wright" the attendant responded, wise enough to know the person asking them. 

"Then take any other colors" he turns to Sophia. 

"But I want the color yellow, Vasili. I don't want any color but yellow" the woman stubbornly insisted. She even stomps her feet like a child. 

Vasili sighed and turn to look at Cristy who is also looking back at him. 

"Miss, can you just pick from the other colors available and give us the yellow one?" he spoke calmly but his words are commanding enough for Cristy to recognize. 

Anxiously, she gapes at the man before turning to Amelia with her pleading eyes. 

Amelia who has been watching the scene with her clenched jaw narrowed her eyes and turned to the other group. They saw Cristy's excitement when the attendant gave her the dress earlier and now, it is threatened to be taken away from her. 

"She got the dress first so she will have it" Amelia spoke with a hard tone while she walked toward Cristy.  

"...and you are?" aghast, Sophia sneers at her. 

"Amelia" she calmly replies before averting her gaze to Alek Vasili. As their gazes lock, they silently duel for dominance.

"I don't care who you are, I want that dress" the woman rolled her eyes before trying to approach Cristy who defensively took a step backward. 

"I also don't care what you want, woman" Amelia coldly counters, making Sophia Saunters pause midstep. 

"Pack the dress, we will pay for" she seriously added.

The tension inside the shop increased tremendously after Amelia intervened. Even Alek Vasili did not counter her.

"Vasili, do something!" Sophia irritatedly exclaims, in time the panting and nervous store manager approached and arrives. 

"Good day Mr. Wright" despite his obvious nervousness, the store manager politely greeted him.

"Give the dress to Miss Saunters and negotiate a compromise with the other customer" Vasili immediately orders the manager without averting his gaze away from Amelia. 

"Yes, Mr. Wright" the manager bowed before turning to Cristy and smiling. 

"Miss, we still have two available colors for that dress and you can choose any other dress, shoes, bag, or any accessories for free...that's on the house" the manager carefully explain with a learned smile. Whilst praying hard the girl would concede to the man's entourage for lesser trouble. 

Cristy gaped at the manager before staring at the dress she was clutching with a sad and hopeless smile. 

"She will not take anything from this shop except for the dress she is holding. Just because they are more powerful as they seemed to be, they will be treated like they are above everyone. The price of the dress will just be the same regardless of whoever bought it. I will not allow this to be a chance to belittle someone you deemed to be lacking in your eyes" Amelia coldly mutters to the manager before turning to look at the woman and lastly to Alek Vasili Wright. 

Meeting her cold calmness, he stares back at her with the same animosity.

Caleb is already too anxious to say something moreover intervene. He fully knew who the man Amelia has been challenging. He is not an easy person to mess with. 

"I have made a compromise and I expect that you are wise enough to take it" with a cold tone, Vasili Wright spoke directly to Amelia. 

"Well maybe, I'm not that wise enough, you expected too much from I will be taking the dress for my friend. Just console your minx of a girlfriend before she throws a fit like a spoiled brat. Since she won't be getting this dress" sarcastically, she smiles. If she is fueling a raging fire, then be it. But she will not surrender the dress.

With what she uttered, everyone's eyes grew wide in disbelief and panic. However, she remains unaffected. 

Sophia Saunters, triggered by her outright defiance, glares at her. 

"Who do you think you are, girl?!" she angrily exclaims, facing Amelia who remains calm under her intimidation.

"I'm someone you don't want to mess with..." she sweetly smiles before turning to the man who clucked his tongue in annoyance. 

"Lia..." Caleb moves closer to whisper his warning near her ear. His arms rounded her slim waist, aiming to stop and protect her. For everyone's eye, he is back hugging her.

But Amelia's attention is not on her friends but on the man who is earnestly looking at her. The clenching of his jaw did not escape her eyes and as they silently duel, tension immensely increased.

"Amelia, stop it. That's Mr. Alek Vasili Wright. It's okay, I will give the dress to his girlfriend. Let's just leave" Cristy suddenly conceded upon seeing how triggered Amelia has become.  

"No! You dragged me here and you kept me awake late last night because of that dress, I won't waste my time and will buy that dress for you" she insisted while grabbing the dress from Cristy.

Fuming with anger, she places it on the counter together with her black card. 

Staring at the black card next to the dress, the cashier was torn between the two parties.

Everyone knew the vast influence the Wright has. And if the rumor is correct, Alek Vasili Wright will be untouchable and must be feared as the incoming CEO of Petrov Petroleum. A Mafia-owned company. Not just an ordinary organization of power and influence. With immeasurable power, Petrov Mafia has been indestructible for several decades now. Messing with any of them is tantamount to death. But the girl is obviously not some ordinary student too. No ordinary student has a black card in her name.

Even Sophia Saunters' eyes reflect disbelief while Vasili remains stoic. He saw the card on the counter and he become more curious. 

The girl instantly becomes a mystery not only to everyone but also to the very famous heir of the Wright empire. 


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