Chapter 3 Black Card

Sophia was in a daze while staring at the black card. She had been dreaming to own one but failed all the time. Knowing a mere student owns one made her loathe her more. 

"A mere student having a Black Card, interesting" she snickers. 

"Which you don't have, I pressume" spitting back, Amelia mockingly smiles. 

"You, impertinent girl!" Sophia angrily raves.

Scoffing, she just watch the woman throw a fit. 

"I don't think pointing out a fact is impertinence. What's more interesting is a full grown woman throwing a tantrum like one year old child. You should watch your unbefitting action" she spoke after a while of enjoying Sophia's tantrum but her words riled the woman even more. 



The woman is about to attack her when a thunderous voice rumbled. Flinching from the frightening sound, everyone froze on their feet. 

"You tame your cat's tantrum. A preschooler has a better disposition than her" turning to Mr. Wright, Amelia mutters with disgust. Unaffected by his anger.

"Process the payment so we could leave"  sternly, she turns to the cashier and gestures for her to do her bidding. 

Nervous, the cashier turns to look at her manager but he too is indecisive. Without a choice, she turn to look at Mr. Wright but she got nothing when he didn't spare her a glance.  

Hesitantly, she turns to Amelia who gestures to her to continue, which she reluctantly does. 

Cautiously, she scans the barcode and processes the payment for the dress.  Relief washed over her when no one from the other camp stopped her until she finishes the whole transaction. 

The cashier handed the bag to Cristy while she continue to anxiously glance at the intimidating man's side. Unexpectedly, he was calm while watching the whole payment process.

"Let's go" Amelia got the bag from Cristy and grab her hand before dragging her out with Caleb tailing behind.

Eerie silence dominated the shop after the students left. But despite their departure, the tension did not dissipate. Vasili's grim disposition is frightening that even Sophia is afraid to whine about the dress she lose over the girl. 

"Who is that student?" Vasili mutters with gritted teeth. With his dangerously cold tone, he narrows his eyes to the leaving figures. 

"Mr. Wright...she is...ahm..." the man stammered while looking lost of what to say. 

"I want to know about that girl. Her parents, guardian, anyone supporting her...everything" he issued his order with a clenched jaw. The girl's haughtiness is something that piqued his nerves but the black card she owns snap all his reserves. 

"Yes sir" 

"Vasili take it easy, she is just a girl" the other man interrupted. 

"No one has ever insulted me the way that girl did. I want her full background, Larry. She must know why she should not mess with Alek Vasili Wright" he dangerously whispers, making everyone cringe with fear.

His eyes narrows at the path the three figures have already disappeared. 

"Lia... Lia slowdown" trying to calm her friend, she pleaded. 

Abruptly, Lia comes to a halt. 

"Lia..." Cristy cautiously mumbles. 

"He is such an ass" she grimly mutters with a clenched jaw. 

"Lia, he is Mr. Vasili Wright, we will be doomed for sure" Caleb softly reminded, making her turn to him. 

"I don't care, he is an ass" she furiously persisted. 

Two pairs of eyes intently stare at her, gauging her mood. Lia is a great person but her hot temperament could sometimes put her in trouble. 

"It's okay now Lia, I got the dress, calm down" Cristy continues to pacify her protective friend. 

"Even if he is the wealthiest man in the world, he should not act like a spoiled brat like his girlfriend" she counters with obvious annoyance in her tone. She looks riled and ready to fight. 

"They are being entitled. Don't mind them. Let's not ruin our weekend" Caleb interjected. 

"Caleb is right. The day is just starting. Let's enjoy this weekend, we deserve this" Cristy readily agreed while she link her arm to Lia. 

"Just hope we won't cross paths with those spoiled oldies" calmer than earlier, a smile faintly curving her lips. 

"We will try not to" Caleb chuckles before rounding his arm around Lia's shoulder. 

"I plan to introduce you to him but this happens. How could you seduce him now" pouting, Cristy whispers in frustration. Hearing what she's been mumbling, the two incredulously glares at her. 

"You are still worried about that?" Lia raves in aghast. 

"Mr. Wright is so handsome, he looks like his father and her gorgeous mother. How could I allow him to be with that brat? You should have him" Cristy announce stubbornly.

Appalled by the other girl, the two face palmed themselves. 

"Well, it seems to be a hopeless case now. We started on the wrong foot and there's no way I will seduce that arrogant man" unconcerned, she glares at her friend. 

"Give it time. He might come around" Cristy persisted but only earned a rolling of Lia's eyes. 

"Not a chance" she counter, dismissing the idea. 

Though pouting from her cold shoulder, Cristy leans her head on her shoulder as they walk again. 

Strolling leisurely, they passed by a group of formally attired men. And to their aghast, the one they vowed not to cross path again is among them. 

Lia met the cold eyes staring at her, which she indulged. She gave the man the same coldness reflecting in his eyes. Both were engrossed with the duel, unconcerned about the confusion they created. 

"Mr. Vasili Wright?" the man talking was confused when he noticed his inattention to the report. 

Ignored, the man anxiously turns to Alek's corporate assistant for help. 

"Vasili" Larry tries to get his attention, knowing fully well what stole it from an important report. He, too, is looking at the group of students they have encountered earlier. 

"Let's have our lunch first, we'll continue later" Vasili unceremoniously announced before turning away. Leaving the other men perplexed by his sudden change of mood. 

Larry followed his back with his calm gaze before turning to the outspoken girl from the shop. Their eyes met but he was met with calm coldness before looking away. She walk with her friends like the tension did not happen. 

Heaving a sigh, he follows Vasili with the rest of his secretaries. The tension around the man has been intimidating everyone. 

"I want her background as soon as possible Larry. I want them barred to be in one place with me" Vasili growled his command the moment Larry joins his entourage. 

"Vasili, that would be too much" he mutters in disbelief. He cannot deny the fury in the man's expression but he is being unreasonable. 

"There's no too much. I want her background. I want to wipe away the arrogance on her face once I've cut ties to whoever is her parents or guardian" abruptly stopping, he faces to glare at Larry. But the latter did not falter. 

"You don't know what you are doing Vasili. Calm down and rethink your actions. She is just a student. She did nothing to deserve what you intend to do. Don't be unreasonable, you might regret it" Larry replied with the same hardness in his tone. 

Larry is one of the few people who can beat him to come to his senses as his best friend and closest associate. 

With what he heard, he glares at Larry to impose his command. But Larry remains undeterred by his anger. As their gazes locks to a silent duel, Vasili clenched his jaw before turning away. 

He was aware of his unreasonable thoughts but he won't let anyone even Larry know it. He is pissed and triggered by a mere student. He is angry for something he is not ready to acknowledge. 


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