Chapter 4 Triggered

"Welcome home young mistress Amelia" Manuel greeted her and got her sweet smile. 

"Thank you, Manuel" she smiles and politely thanks the man. 

"How's your day young mistress?" he gently ask, staring at her tired face. 

He watch her drag her steps until she reach the couch and slumped her whole body on it. 

"The usual, I just met a petty old man at the mall earlier, he is such an ass...but all in all I had a great day" she softly whines but becomes annoyed at the thought of the man at the mall. 

Amused, a smile grazed his lips while watching the emotions crossing her beautiful face. It's very unusual for her to be irritated like what he is seeing now. So maybe the man she met really exhausted her patience. 

"Have some refreshment first, young mistress. Take some rest. Dinner will be served later" he gestured to the servant to serve the fresh strawberry shake. 

"Thanks, Manuel, this is what I really need...hmmm" she smiles sweetly while taking a sip of the very cold shake, her favorite. 

Her contented moan made Manuel and the servant smile while watching her. They left her to enjoy her drink alone. 

She is enjoying the silence when she got a call from Caleb asking her to hang out in the bar. Lazily, she went upstairs to prepare. 

"Manuel, I'll be going out again, I will just hang out with my friends. I won't make trouble and I won't be long" she told the man standing beside the table. She just finished her sumptuous dinner. 

"Of course, young mistress, just be careful and call me if you needed assistance" he smiles softly. 

The young mistress has been respectful of anyone inside the mansion. She won't leave without informing the butler. She has been the sole master of the estate but she treats every servant as family. 

After sending her to her car, the limited-edition vehicle sped away amid the silence of the night. 

The butler follows the speeding car with his gentle gaze. The road has been long empty but he remains on his spot. He is still watching the light from the vehicle afar when he received an expected call. 

"Hello sir" he picks up the call and listened to the other line. 

"The young mistress is doing great sir and she really do well in school," he told the other line with a gentle smile. The thought of the young mistress always put a smile on his face. 

"She is out tonight but I can assure you, sir, the young mistress is very responsible even with the freedom we are giving her. The Master doesn't have to worry about the young mistress, she is always safe, sir" he continued to assure the other line while he slowly walked towards the mansion. 

"Have a great night, sir, don't worry about the young mistress, she is a great girl. Very obedient and respectful. The Master will have nothing to worry about with her" he continued until the call ended. 

On the other hand, Amelia parked her car at the usual bar they would frequent during free time. The bar is exclusive to members, mainly from affluent families and businessmen. 

Caleb and Cristy were already at their usual table when she arrives. Her sweet smile carved her lips the moment she saw Cristy messing with Caleb again. Cristy is very playful with Caleb but very bitchy with other guys who are trying to hook up with her. She will always use him as a boyfriend shield. 

"Hello, Lia" Cristy greeted, obviously a little tipsy from her mixed drinks. 

"You looked awful Cris, wipe that stupid grin from your face" she replies instead while taking a seat. She saw her favorite drink on the table, obviously ordered by Caleb for her. 

"Thank you for ordering for me" she leans her head on Caleb's shoulder. In response, he rounded his arms around her shoulder and gave her a squeeze. 

"Sweet..." grinning, Cristy teased them while consuming her drink in large gulps. 

"Slowdown Cris, the night is still young" she reminded the other girl. 

"Easy Cris" Caleb also hold her elbow to stop her, which earned both of them a sweet smile from the tipsy girl. 

"I'm fine...I got this" she got herself an idiotic grin, which made the two shake their heads. 

As the night deepened Cristy and Amelia become tipsy and super clingy towards Caleb. They are academically focused students but they sure know how to have some fun. 

With a few glasses of mixed drinks, Lia's inhibitions vanished in thin air. She sat on Caleb's lap and buried her face in his neck. On usual days, Cristy and Caleb love to banter but Lia is the closest to him. Cristy cannot do the things Lia was doing to Caleb despite her intoxication with alcohol. 

"I don't have any plans to have a girlfriend soon, but you will send girls away from me, Lia. You are biting my neck" though whining at her playfulness, he was far from annoyed. He was used to Amelia's playful ministrations. 

"I don't want girls near you but me and Cristy. Why should you look far, Cristy is a perfect girlfriend" Lia mumbles as she leans closer to his face. Their faces were almost plastered together. 

"Don't you dare start with that foolishness again, Amelia" using her full name, Cristy glares at her. 

"Duh... You two are just stubborn" rolling her eyeballs, she slumped back onto Caleb. 

Every time they have a drink, Lia would always tease them together, which they would just dismiss. After tonight and they, all become sober, no one would bring up the topic again, even Amelia. 

They are having so much fun when they noticed the cold gaze of a very familiar man across their table. Caleb suddenly becomes sober seeing the piercing sharp gaze on him. 

With the man's intimidating presence, the three regained their focus. All the alcohol in their system seems to have dissipated in an instant. 

"Why Mr. Vasili Wright is everywhere? He is so creepy" Cristy leaned closer to whisper. 

"Let him be, we are not doing anything to him" Amelia whispers, ignoring the situation. 

Even if they tried to ignore the intimidating man across them, they cannot escape his presence. 

"He is like a magnet, wherever we are, he is also there. Is he really that pissed that he kept on appearing in front of us?" Cristy whispers again. 

"We are moving in the same circle, it's not impossible to bump into each other" Caleb reasonably explains in a soft voice. 

"But not these's creepy" she mumbles before sipping her drink. 

"I will just use the restroom" Amelia spoke, trying to stand up from Caleb's lap. 

"You need help? I can accompany you" standing up to hold Lia still on her feet, he loosely hugs her. 

"Nah...I'm fine. All the alcohol in my system vanished with the petty man's presence" she playfully whispers while plastered near his ear. 

"I'll be quick" she added before moving away from Caleb and leaving. 

She went inside the empty restroom and relieved herself. She felt a little dizzy but still quite clearheaded. 

"Enjoying nightlife while spending your parents' money, a typical rich kid" a hard tone interrupted her thoughts while washing her hands. 

Looking up at the mirror, she saw the reflection of the man leaning against the door with such contempt and sarcasm on his face. 

"Nice to see you Mr. Vasili Wright" she casually greeted, choosing to ignore his snide remarks. 

"For a very young girl like you owning a black card and all luxuries laid on your feet is quite a luck or a birthright, don't you think Miss Amelia? Do your parents know what you've been doing with their money?" sarcastically, he continues without averting his intent gaze. 

His statement made her raise a brow. She meets his coldness with mockery. 

"...Or it's not the parents who are providing you with it a sugar daddy then?" he continues after getting no response from her. 

The clenching of his jaw did not escape Lia's eyes and she was quite perplexed by the grimness reflecting on his face. Like she committed something unforgivable. 

"Mr. Wright... whatever I do with my life is none of your business. I'm confused why you seem to be so interested in my personal life. Care to tell me? Did I severely hurt your pride that you cannot move on from it or do you have other motives aside from that?" she smirked and gave him a challenging look. 

"So brazen and cocky, aren't we Miss Amelia?" he mutters with his dangerous tone. 

"This is the girl's restroom if you haven't noticed, Mr. Wright. You dare come here just to mock me. What do you want?" snickering, she faces him. 

"I don't want an eyesore around me" he coldly mutters. 

"I'm all alone and peaceful here Mr. Wright. I'm not causing trouble but you seemed to be provoking me. So what do you want? Tell it straight and don't bombard me with your insignificant tirade" leaning on the counter, she put her hands inside her pants' pockets. 

"Do you think you can just escape me after you have insulted me in front of my men and my guest? You don't know who you've messed with Miss Amelia. You should know that I'm a man who doesn't take insult lightly" he angrily responded. 

Scoffing at the man's pettiness, she rolls her eyes. She is openly challenging him, riling him. 

"Wait till I know who's behind your luxurious life. Enjoy it. You won't know, this might be the last few days you will have everything you have. I'll strip away all the lavishness in your life. I will erase the arrogance you wear. Do you think you can just shrug me off? Think twice, you are dealing with a Wright. I can make you as poor as a rat in just a snap of my fingers" he continues to threaten her. 

She is fully aware the man is very capable of his words but she remains undeterred. She even dared to sneer while she walk towards the door. 

"Go ahead Mr. Wright, I will be looking forward to it. I can't wait to watch as you unveil your great surprise" with her sweet smile, she snickers before passing him by the door. 

Left fuming with anger, he follows her with his dark gaze. He was immensely triggered by her arrogance but her last words did not sit well with his guts.


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