Chapter 5 One Night F**k

It's been a few days since the restroom encounter and Amelia's life is quite peaceful. With their upcoming hospital internship, they become preoccupied.

Except for tonight. They will be attending the birthday celebration of Cristy's father.

Caleb picked her up from the hotel she was staying in in preparation for tonight's event.

"This unit hasn't been out of the market yet and this is the top of the line" Caleb mumbles as he admires the interior of the latest addition to Amelia's car collection.

For a girl, she has all the latest and limited-edition vehicles any man could ever dream of.

No one knows Amelia's background but whoever is her guardian, he or she is insanely wealthy. He and Cristy never ask where her wealth came from.

"She is yours tonight" Amelia winks before buckling herself. Tonight, she let Caleb drive her newest car.

Upon reaching the hotel, admiring eyes turned their way while they walked towards the entrance. From just anyone's perspective, Caleb and Amelia looke
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Comments (6)
goodnovel comment avatar
how much older is he, and why does Lia flirt so much with Caleb and also try to hook cristy up with him too seems weird
goodnovel comment avatar
NytShade Queen
he is so annoying
goodnovel comment avatar
Susan Corso
man has got his priorities screwed up. stalking a student for standing up for her principals

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