Chapter 6 Petty Old Man

After the encounter at the party, Amelia is once again faced with the tense encounter with the Wright heir.

She clucked her tongue upon seeing the couple at the other table. Unfortunately, the two are also looking at them when they entered the exclusive restaurant.

The tension immediately become obvious when they were seated next to the couple's table. Despite being dismayed by the table assignment, she choose not to show it. She will never give the shameless couple the chance to see her as a coward by requesting a transfer.

After the encounter at the restroom of the bar and at Cristy's father's birthday celebration, of which her friends are not aware until now, Vasili Wright seemed to be more pissed with her. His expression darkened upon seeing her.

Needless to say, he and his date has been trying to intimidate their group, which somewhat affected her friends' mood.

An attendant approached the other table after Sophia Saunters gestured for them.

"What are the students doing here
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Debbie Tupou
Amelia is right. Vasili should know better. I never expected that from him especially having great understanding parents.
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gosh I love her
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Hazel Diane Eudela
i love the story

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