Chapter 7 Jealous Not Angry

Inside the vehicle back to his office, Vasili remains dangerously quiet. Wanting to be alone, he sent Sophia Saunters in a different vehicle. Which the woman didn't counter seeing his grim disposition.

His mind is full of the girl whose angry eyes taunt him more than being infuriated. She reminds him of someone he cannot remember.

Yesterday, Timothy Petrov has officially turned over the CEO seat to him upon the approval of the board. The official announcement will follow in the next few days. The weight of the responsibility of the entire company has been transferred to his shoulder but here he is, troubled over a petty fight with a university school girl.

He has been immensely busy but his mind cannot sit well until he knows all about the girl, Amelia. Admittingly, she had succeeded in creating havoc in his peace of mind and he is not liking it at all. He won't be pacified until he gets what he wants. He cannot go on with all the uncertainty lingering in his head.

With a grim face
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Theresa Pollock
I like this book a whole bunch

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