Chapter 8 Waging War

"You are jealous and you are stubborn to admit it" Larry added.

He is sure Vasili heard him but the man chooses not to counter. Instead, he stares at him in silence. Defiant of what he said.

"I don't care how you understand the situation, Larry. I hate that girl and I want her background. I'm asking you a simple task, do it" he coldly mutters.

Looking at him, Larry heaves another sigh.

"Vasili...stop it" he frustratedly begs.

"Why are you protecting her? Are you attracted to her?" seeing the other man's frustration, Vasili angrily raves.

Taken aback, Larry gaped in pure surprise.

"What the fuck, Vasili? What's happening to you?" upon coming to his senses, he spat at him.

"Why are you protecting her? What hold does she have on you?" he persistently asked while fuming in anger.

"I'm not interested in her...fuck Vasili, why are you this unreasonable? Leave the girl alone" exasperated, he exclaims while glaring at him.

"Then why are you protecting her? Do you know her parents? Is s
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