Chapter 9 Her Protector

"I am fucking jealous that she is so fucking cocky on me while sweet with others! I seem to not do anything right in front of her! She despises me" he paused to take a ragged breath.

"I hate her for displaying that boy everywhere near me! She is rubbing to my face how attentive she could be towards him! It's making me feel insignificant to her" huffing, he continues.

"She will only look at me with disgust and mockery. While she looks at the boy with her sweet smile! Everyone bows to me but she ignores me like I'm just a scum" furiously, he seeth.

"She is fucking making me feel like an asshole! Making me desperate to gratify her. I am Vasili Petrov for goodness sake!" he growls despite the frustration in his voice.

"I will not be treated like this! She will witness how capable I am to destroy her. I am not a coward, Larry! I will let her see how powerful I am. I will make her watch how I crush anyone if I dare to!" Vasili yelled back, totally forgetting all his facade.

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