Chapter 10 You


Confused, Vasili's brows instantly knotted. It took him a while to discern Larry's word.

"What did you say?" unable to comprehend, he weakly whispers.

"Amelia's protector is YOU..." Larry casually replies.

Totally lost, he gapes at Larry while trying to say something but all he did is open his mouth just to close it again. He cannot find the right words to say. His brain seem to went blank. Dumbfounded, his blank gaze remains on Larry who is seeming to enjoy his predicament.

Silence rules the room while he remains in confusion while Larry patiently waits for him to come around. Which is taking a while.

"How...? Me...?" Vasili whispers in disbelief.

"Yes, you. No one would dare go against your order to protect Amelia at all costs. And whoever tries to hurt or threaten her safety was being dealt with accordingly" Larry earnestly explain.

"No one is as powerful as you, Vasili Petrov. Who do you think could protect Amelia to the extent of becoming untouchable? A Petrov name cou
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