Chapter 11 Visitor tired..." Cristy stretched her hands up before massaging her own shoulder.

"We can continue tomorrow" Caleb announced who also look exhausted from doing their medical case studies.

Amelia did not say anything while she quietly massage her nape down to her rigid shoulders. They have been studying and doing their cases right after they returned from lunch and it's already past seven in the evening. The library is almost empty except for the three of them.

"Let's all head home...I'm starving and so tired..." Cristy added while tilting her head both ways to ease the rigid muscles.

After tidying the table they left after waving at the library staff.

Amelia went inside her car but did not start the engine still. Instead, she rolls down the window feeling the fresh night air fanning her face.

Staring at the darkness in front of her, she heaves several deep sighs. She is tired but she is not in a hurry to go back home.

In the middle of the empty parking lot, she enjoys the sil
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