Chapter 13 Husband's Heaven

"Mr. Wright is also here" Cristy immediately holds her arm upon spotting the man and his whole entourage inside the restaurant.

"Don't mind him. We will just have our lunch then we will immediately leave" seeing the anxiousness on Cristy's face, she holds the hand holding her.

"We could just eat somewhere else if you like" Caleb interjected.

"It would be tiring and we don't have time. Let's eat so we could leave" she insisted before walking to their table, dragging Cristy with her.

Vasili already saw them at the door but he decided not to bother them. He had done enough trouble and he won't be adding more. And by looking at her friends, they are all ready to flee upon seeing him. Which almost made him laugh.

While he is enjoying the student's discomfort, Amelia is glaring at him whenever she had a chance.

"Relax, you two. He won't do anything to us" with her usual playful smile, she tries to assure her friends.

Indeed, Vasili won't be doing anything like he did yesterday but he
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
I thought he was with that Sofia girl
goodnovel comment avatar
She was 18 and he was about 32 when he married Amelia, then he was MIA for two years. NOW he wants to be on his high horse about her life. Vasili needs an ass kicking!
goodnovel comment avatar
Ummm, WTF, yet he has a girlfriend ...

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