Chapter 14 Dream

"As approved by the Directors, Petrov Petroleum Ltd. is formally announcing the appointment of Mr. Alek Vasili Wright as the new Chief Executive Officer"

"It is of great expectation that citizens relevant to the business of the company show CEO Vasili Wright the intended support and loyalty you have shown to the previous CEO"

"CEO Emeritus Timothy Petrov will be taking over as Chairman after the retirement of his father, Chairman Emeritus Timmy Petrov"

A brief announcement aired in all media companies and created an uproar in the entire country before the day has even started.

Footage during the Director's approval was distributed to the media companies to support the proclamation. Though unknown to the public, Vasili has been the CEO for almost a week.

In the Petrov estate, Amelia and Vasili were quietly eating breakfast amid the noise from the television. They, too are watching the news.

"You will have a busy day" she spoke after the long silence.

"Seem to" he mutters.

"So it beg
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