Chapter 15 The First Time

Getting into his belt, she unbuckles and unzips his pants. And while into it, her hands would brush the humongous monster inside.

Her hands instantly find their way to the still-clothed beast, palming, kneading.

"Argh..." a low growl escapes him while nibbling her lips.

"Huge..." she breathlessly whispers.

"You have a comparison?" though drunk with pleasure, his tone hardens by the mere thought of Amelia having someone else.

"Funny..." she snickers while stroking his member from the outside.

"Have you seen someone else's dick, Amelia?" not letting go of the topic, he moves away to look at her.

"I'm a future doctor, Vasili. I've seen all kinds of bodies"

"I don't want you to be interested with other dicks but mine" he seriously mutters before going back to where he left off.

Aghast, she glares at him but he no longer sees it.

"You're crazy"

"Better be clear" he grimly whispers.

"You can't be thinking I will be interested in other men" riled, she snaps.

"You can't be interested but
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