Chapter 91 Impossible

With the robbers' attention focused on the officers and how they could hide from them, Lia quietly sneaked in between the tables.

Until she reached the wall separating the restroom from the main room, no one from the assailants noticed her. She moves without disturbing the air along the way. A true-blooded Stepanov, without shadow in the dark and without footprints on any ground.

It's a perfect afternoon that turned out bloody. People hiding from whatever could conceal them have started to gather outside, watching the scene from the glass wall. Media people have started to arrive, getting footage through their high-resolution cameras.

Peeking to find the five men hiding at the counter, she has no clear sight of them but the two small feet hanging from the man's grasp of the child.

Her security remain unmoving on their spot but was ready to assist her, while Caleb remains to hug Cristy with his back facing the counter.

"Get out of here or I will finish this girl first and her broth
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jaguar catz
more chapter please... i love your way of writing it is so exciting!!!
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Rocky Moore
Ok that was a good chapter but please can we have more just one chapters please. And thank you, it was funny to one of her security guys called her a Nija lmao and she is and was to damn swift for them and she can protect her self
goodnovel comment avatar
Lia does'nt need protection, just backup from time to time, just like Vasily. The sooner Vasily gets this, the better.

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