Chapter 92 Mafia Queen

As expected, the robbers went out to the waiting police officers across the exit. Media personnel is afar together with the curious crowd.

"Shit" they all mutter. One of them got hold of the cashier with the gun pointed at her side.

"Please..." she quivers in fear.

"Nothing will happen to you if these bastards here will just cooperate with us" the man snickers.

"This is Captain Seville, let's talk" one of the officers speaks with his hands raised in the air. He is making certain the robbers know he is unarmed.

"We don't need pleasantries Captain. We need a vehicle" the man jeers.

"The vehicle is being prepared, it will arrive any minute" calmly, he explains.

"We don't have a minute. A minute passed, also a bullet for these two here" snickering, he retorted. The crazed look in his eyes was noted by the Captain.

"Don't hurt the innocent, it would be a grave mistake" calm yet firm, the officer warned.

"I don't fucking care. Where's the vehicle?" he sneers before he angrily raves.
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Rocky Moore
Thanks for the update but I can’t just keep waiting for one chapter updates I’ll come back to this wonderful book when it more then one update and yeah guy’s if y’all think this book is great try reading the ten million dollar wife and that book is all Finish and you can read from beginning to end
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jajaja nobody can beat Lia, Vasily, you need to let her do her thing.
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Monica Jones
I hope Lia gets to torture them

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