Chapter 93 Thriving

Vasili arrives in just walking shorts and a white V-neck t-shirt and slippers. And the first he tries to find is his wife whom he found hugging a child while rounded by her security.

Since he left the mansion, he has been watching the news and he witnessed the entire negotiation. However, he has been apprehensive and preoccupied with finding his wife, which he hasn't found not until the man holding the girl was taken down. He instantly knew his wife was responsible. And he was proven right when she came out from hiding, aiming for the remaining four.

With all the media people taking footage of the incident, everything was captured through the lens of every camera.

The public has witnessed how a frail-looking girl has deterred the impending tragedy. Saving the life of the small girl who is on the verge of death at the hands of the criminals.

And it won't be long before the populace would realize, who she is. Everyone would know, she is his wife.

Nevertheless, he doesn't care.

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mary lopez
There is no updated today ehy
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Rocky Moore
But more than one chapter please
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Rocky Moore
I soooooo love them and Amelia is telling him right he can’t let her be his weakness especially if there planing on being the Mafia queen and king. He needs to let her be who she truly is and they will be unstoppable together with her sister and brother but there side. I love your books just awesome

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