Chapter 95 Voracious

"Will it be okay here?" she seductively asks while pulling his arm to face her.

"Everything for you, my love" he mumbles, standing in front of her while she remains in her seat.

"You got a go from your doctor?" he added.

"Yes" trailing her index outside the bulge of his pants, she enticingly smiles.

Inhaling deep, his breath becomes raggedly heavy with what she was doing. His perfect-fit pants is now rather tight on the crotch area after the monster inside reacted to her gentle ministration.

"It's awake, baby" with a contended smile, she whispers while winking at him.

"Yes, it is" he breathily replies. His eyes never left hers while she slowly unbuckle his belt. His heart is pounding hard with the anticipation of what Amelia would do.

He didn't wait long after her expert hands open the package dying to be freed. Its huge size becomes prominent as it crowds the inside of the skimpy cloth covering it.

"I still can't believe how was I be able to take you with this size" she mumbles
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goodnovel comment avatar
Hope she gets pregnant with twins
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Vivienne Musse
Come on hun, waiting
goodnovel comment avatar
hope this will not end yet.. would like to see more update on Lia's siblings

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