Chapter 97 Late Home

"Don't you fucking touch me!"

"Argh! Where's the fucking doctor!?"

A conflicting rant came from the bleeding man who is gripping and waving his gun despite his dismal state. He needs a doctor but the gun he is waving pre-empts any doctor to approach him.

The emergency room is swarmed by goons who are intimidating everyone. Aside from the armed hysterical man on the bed, the men guarding him are deliberately showing their holstered guns.

It's an uproar inside the ER that even the guards are too scared to intervene. It's almost midnight and the night shift just started. Scared out of their wits, they were all nailed on their spot while gaping at the scary men.

"Give me a fucking doctor before I shoot all of you!" bellowing his demand, he pointed the gun he was holding at anyone.

Scurrying away from the possible indiscriminate firing, everyone in the ER tries to hide while patients lay quiet on their beds, covering their heads with pillows.

Doctors and nurses were afraid to attend to hi
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Vivienne Musse
Nope, this is not enough. I read blaze in two days.. give me back my vasili.. I have 4 more books to go through. Girl you have dying over here in Florida.. waiting patiently… Viv
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They are the most perfect match ever!!!!! When will people learn to not mess with Lia? jajajaja

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