Chapter 98 So Worth (END)


The clamor of shouts erupted from the house and a commotion of nervous cries follows.


A small voice's laughter resonated together with the uproar he created. It's been a while of turmoil and amusement before a small figure strutted out of the kitchen, grinning.

"Eric Carlos, what have you done again?"

His tiny steps halted after hearing the stern voice of his mother.

"Mama" quickly, he runs to her and clings to her legs before another figure appeared from behind them.

"Papa" with puppy eyes, he looks up to his parents and smile.

"Another menace, buddy?" in contrast to his mother's stern look, his father looks amused.

"They haven't heard me coming, Papa! I'm invincible! They were all startled when I jumped on the table!" proud of what he accomplished, he brags to his father.

"Eric Carlos" with a warning tone, Lia calls him.

"Mama, I'm getting better. Dada Lyon said I should not have footsteps and shadows. So I did, they were all surprised when I appeared, jumping fro
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Comments (11)
goodnovel comment avatar
Denise Bostic
Great job will we find out later if it’s a son/ daughter or twins haha
goodnovel comment avatar
Danielle Tyrrell
Thank you so much for such a great read. Enough detail to keep us engaged all the way, have not put the book down since I started it. Great read!
goodnovel comment avatar
Vivienne Musse
Beautiful. Thank you so much. I went ahead and read blaze. That was a great story too. And not dragged out ;)

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