Looking around Sam’s forbidden lair, Mia wasn’t sure what to think. She had no idea it was as large a room as it was. Not that it was huge, but for a secret room tucked inside of the walls of an office building, it was bigger than she’d imagined. All sorts of contraptions and furniture pieces were set about, most of them oddly shaped. Mia couldn’t imagine what Sam used some of them for. She had a feeling she was about to find out when it came to at least one of them.

He tugged on her arm to get her moving, but he didn’t have to yank hard to get her to go. It wasn’t as if she wasn’t curious to find out what he had in mind. Her throat still burned a little from the deep throat fucking, but she was wet and quaking to feel him inside of her.

Sam led her to what looked like a spider’s web hung in the middle of the room. “Lie down,” he snapped. She wasn’t sure how she would even mount the apparatus. It looked as if it might not even hold her weight. But with his prodding, she grabbed hold o
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Hauwa Linda Anavberokhai
Sam is mentally deranged and Mia is not better. She has the right to walk away but no she still crave for animalistic sex. Poor Beau in love with an unworthy woman. But then love does not ask why

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